Fri, Aug 30


Black Rock City

Who Owns Water?

Is water a human right or a commodity? How is corporate water privatization causing worldwide drought & desertification? And WHAT CAN WE DO about it?

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Who Owns Water?

Time & Location

Aug 30, 2019, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Black Rock City, Black Rock City, NV, USA

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at Red Lightning :: Blue Thunder

These are questions of principle that affect the lives of billions. Is  access to water a human rights or just in need? Is water at common good  like air or a commodity like Coca-Cola? Who is being given the right or  the power to turn the tap on or off… People, governments or the  invisible hand of the market? Who sets the price for a poor district…  The locally elected water board, or the CEO of Suez? We cannot leave  these answers to chance. One in every three human beings on this planet  currently has no clean drinking water. Humanity has polluted, diverted  and depleted our finite fresh water sources to such an extent that not  only is unclean water is implicated in 80% of all disease worldwide  (according to the World Health Organization) but because water plays  such a crucial role in cooling and regulating atmospheric temperature,  the depletion of the hydrological cycle is just as great a cause of  climate change as greenhouse gas emissions. Yet no one’s talking about  it. It’s time we look at this. This is what happens when we stop  treating water with respect. Many major civilizations have perished by  their destructive water practices. The old kingdom empire of Egypt. The  Mycenaean culture of the Bronze Age. The Mayan civilization. The Ming  dynasty. All collapsed because they mismanage water supplies and caused  drought. We are poised at the same fate. So today we'll discuss how  shifting our relationship to water can save billions of lives, reverse  climate change, and put an end to most, if not all wars. Because not  only is water life, water is also peace. Water is prosperity. We can  learn from water in every way, including ecologically, politically and  economically. And in fact we must. Because the stakes are life or death.  But before we look at how to change, we must take an honest assessment  of where we are and how we got here. This is not easy to hear. But don’t  look away. The world and the water need you to care.

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