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Hydrating Holiday Shopping Guide

Uplift the ones you love this holiday season with gifts that are unique, beautiful, & deeply hydrating.

Have you been endlessly scrolling the internet unsure of what products & businesses to support this holiday season? Or strolling through store isles wondering what that perfect gift could be for that special someone?

This guide is here to help!

Here you'll find some of the most giftable items in the Water is Life Shop that you can feel good about purchasing. With each unique gift, you not only support businesses who support water & are up-to-date on the latest water science, you support the overall health & wellbeing of the person you’re gifting to.

In this guide you'll find jewelry, beautiful vessels, & some of the top water vitalizing tools on the market designed to leverage the health & vitality of humanities internal seas. Each section is arranged by price (lowest-highest) with a description about each of the wonderful giftable items that you know that special someone is going to LOVE.

Hydrating Jewelry:

This jewelry is not only elegant, it is created with purpose & intention. The items in this section will help the people who wear them to maintain healthy internal biowaters. More than how much you drink, what matters is how much you absorb & retain. This jewelry aids in maintaining deep intracellular hydration & a high phase angle of electrical conductivity for that water.


Copper bracelets with healing powers.

This sleek & stylish boho bracelet will provide the wearer with healthy quantum energy all day long. Made with copper, a metal known, since ancient times, to provide protection & healing. The copper has been energetically charged with pure quantum energy that provides positive frequencies & negates the harmful effects of EMF’S.



The multi-purpose accessory for every situation.

Wear the Leela Quantum Capsule like a necklace, keep it in your pocket, or use it as a quantum energy charger at home. Whether you want to enhance the quality of your tap water, preserve your food longer, or provide yourself with positive frequencies, the capsule offers unlimited possibilities. The Men’s Capsule includes testosterone support while the Women’s Capsule supports the regulation of hormones as well as hair, nail, skin &bone health.



move out dense energy & harmonize

Choose between the Harmonizer Ring, The Chalice Ring OR mix & Match. The Harmonizer Ring alone harmonizes energies that flow into the body, such as dense energies, dis-coherent electromagnetics, & other outside influences while harmonizing energies within the body. The Chalice energy alone comes into & through the body, yet with the help of the Harmonizer, they work together to move out dense energy & harmonize with quickness & ease.



Step into the Vortex.

This is no ordinary necklace. As it’s placed on the body it activates the invisible energies of the visible to interact with & invigorate every cell of the body.The Triskelion design features 3 interlocking Archimedean Spirals demonstrating the rotational symmetry that is manifest everywhere in nature - in rocks, plants, flowers, seeds, in the flights of birds, the coil of a snake, the shape of a tail… The pattern of the Triskelion represents the beauty, balance, & mysteries of nature.

Beautiful Water Vessels & Glassware

Intentional vessels & glassware to shift the relationship of the holder with the living liquid source of life. Each one of these meaningful items is not only beautiful & unique, but actually aids water in maintaining its crystallinity. These gifts will uplift the quality of the water but also deepen the relationship between what’s in the vessel to the one who drinks from it.



Imbue water's structure with sacred geometry

These beautiful glass containers keep the water safe from the estrogenic compounds present in plastic containers & instead imbue water's structure with the healing sacred geometries of the flower of life. Water sees & remembers everything she's exposed to, so the flower of life actually get stored in the water's molecular arrangement. Use coupon code WATERISLIFE

to get 11% off your first purchase from Alive Waters.



A must have for tea lovers everywhere.

Boiling water degrades the crystalline structure of water, so how do you create a hot infusion while painting waters structure? The Angelica Teacup. The glass is programmed for warm beverages, as the liquid begins to cool it receives positive vibrations & restructures the water molecules into crystalline snowflakes. Use coupon. code WATERISLIFE.


A Water Structuring Bottle

Flaska’s glass products are made using the TPS (Technology of Programming Silicone) procedure meaning the glass itself is vibrationally imprinted with vital information from nature. The Flaska Spiritual collection combines the Flaskas with protective sleeves from different materials which have imprinted, embroidered or engraved spiritual symbols. Use Coupon code WATERISLIFE for a discount.



Make Blue Solar Water

Water LOVES to be held in this beautiful container, as Blue is the primordial color for water. Water’s frequency is BLUE & the deeper the Blue, the more profound it becomes. From the perspective of color therapy on humans, Blue decreases blood pressure & heart rate, dissolves nervousness & stress, relieves headaches & sleep disorders & has a very calming effect on the entire organism. In addition to the healing blue color, you can pick from a variety of unique sacred patterns imprinted into the glass that will be recorded into the waters memory & taken into the body of the one who drinks it.



Protect your water, protect yourself

The importance of protecting your drinking water & your internal biowaters from harmful EMFs cannot be overstated. Infopathy’s Water Bottle with EMF Protection is a great choice for anyone who finds themselves near strong man-made electromagnetic frequencies such as those generated by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, & other devices.



Cultivate a sense of wellness

This hand-crafted glass wand contains Amethyst, Rose quartz, & Clear quartz to vitalize your water & bring a feeling of overall wellbeing. During this lovely but sometimes hectic time of the year give the gift of intentionally chosen gems that promote calm, balance, & relaxation. Experts say that amethyst stimulates the mind & soothes emotions. Rose Quartz fosters tranquility & harmony., while Clear Quartz is a stone for clarity & perception. WELLNESS is the best “everyday water”. Simply let the wand steep in any glass of water.

Water Structurers

Give the gift of crystalline water with structured water devices. Fresh spring water is highly structured water. How does it lose its structure? Stagnation, heat, pollution, chemicals, through the process of most filtration systems, pressurized pipes, & so forth. These giftable devices will bring water back to crystallinity, coherence, & life back into the water.



The perfect upgrade for your home.

Leela elegant coasters have been charged with quantum energy that will be transferred directly from the coaster to whatever is placed on its surface. More than that, it can create a positive balance in the entire home. A shiny style upgrade for the dining table that can structure water while sending good vibes across the room? That’s Leela’s Quantum Coasters.



Enhance your water with a swirl.

Drinking from this beautiful & elegant water structurer is like drinking from a flowing river. The swirling motion of the Swirls pitcher naturally structure & aerates the water, replenishes dissolved oxygen, & balances pH levels to improve its taste & quality. One of the best ways to restore water's life force energy is to mimic its movement patterns through nature. When water molecules flow together, they bond together, in living crystalline geometries that align the molecular dipoles into more symmetrical coherence that can channel vibration, frequency, & vitality. Use code WATERISLIFE for $15 off.



The ferrari of biohacking hydration.

Ańalemma is a tool that transforms regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. It effectively structures AND energizes drinking water. It is the result of 14 years of research. Using cutting-edge GylcanAge tests, 99% of study participants saw an incredible 1-12 years of biological age revitalization within only 3 months. The Water Tube consists of a quartz-glass tube, with a stainless-steel handle, that is filled with full-spectrum coherent water®. Use Coupon code WATERISLIFE for 10% off.



For true hydration, wherever you may roam.

Based on the principles of biomimicry, the structured water portable unit is a small handheld flowform that revitalizes water, giving it crystallinity, aeration, & ionic charge. It’s the perfect gift for those you know travel or eat out a lot-to be sure all the water they drink is truly hydrating! Water will become anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune system boosting, & detoxifying. It helps the body with nutrient absorption, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, increases energy, & overall has a tonic &adaptogenic effect on every system of the body. Use coupon code WATERISLIFE-10 for 10% off.

💧 Happy Holidays & Stay Hydrated! 💧

Thirsty for more?

Head over to for all of the carefully selected Water vitalizing tools & biohacking strategies for ultimate hydration & wellness all year 'round.

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