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Longevity Secrets Hidden in a Snowflake - Anti-aging Discoveries in Minuscule Melting Geometries

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

(( Find the Free Guided Meditation at Accompanies this blog & video HERE ))

(( Find the Free Guided Meditation at Accompanies this blog & video HERE ))

YOU ARE UNIQUE, just like a snowflake. You’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you.

Just kidding. But for real though, you ARE unique just like a snowflake.

Also, just like a snowflake, you are a living organism with a circulatory system.

Wait… what??

That’s right… Snowflakes have veins of flowing water just like you do. When water freezes, it doesn’t all freeze at the same rate. So a snowflake will continue to hold onto liquid water, which it channels through the center of its crystalline geometries in little tubes just like rivers on land, like veins in bodies, or like currents on a circuitboard.

This way, it can continue to circulate the water that is not yet frozen, which is “anomalous” water with a lower freezing temperature. When the “anomalous” water in the veins of the snowflake do finally freeze, the whole snowflake is considered dead. Or, perhaps, just cryogenically inactive? Either way, it’s no longer a lively, pulsing little being.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

In the early ‘60s, Dr. Henri Coanda discovered a direct correlation between the lifespan of a snowflake, and the lifespan of those who drink its water.

In other words, the longer the snowflakes of a particular watershed can maintain their circulatory system, the longer the people of that region will live!

Who’da thunk the fountain of youth would be so small, and hiding in plain sight?

For example, let’s look at one of the longest living cultures on the planet: the Hunza. They are not only commonly centenarians, but it’s even common for women to give birth after the age of 100! The Hunza region lies deep in the mountains of northern India, in the foothills of the Hindu Kush and for over a century, many have considered it the real Shangri La.

They haven’t been shy about sharing their secret. To any anthropologist who inquired, they boldly admitted: It’s because of the water we drink!

Actually, there are more than five places where people live to well over the ripe (or raisin?) age of 100.  Among them, the county of Georgia high in Russia, a remote ares of outer Mongolia, the Vilcabamba mountain valley in Ecuador, and a hidden valley in Peru. These areas have one thing in  common — the centenarian natives are VERY hydrated, and they claim that their special cloudy water is what gives them vitality. Turns out, their water is cloudy because it contains a special kind of colloids.

( So… full disclosure, here’s where the geeky little science freak in me wants to firehose you with WAY too many scientific specificities like dipole moments and dielectric constants and Coulombic forces and illustrate to you exactly how this all works. But it’s where business coaches have instructed me to steer towards simplicity and snackable chunks of info - so I’d love to hear from YOU! Do you like shorter, digestible tidbits or do you prefer long-form detailed explanations? Let me know in the comments below! )

</tangent> Dr. Coanda made incredible discoveries in the field of water science, but he went to his grave without fully having solved the mystery of Hunza water. Thankfully, Dr. Flanagan, his protege, picked up the thread and continued unraveling it until, finally, he cracked the code. He discovered how Hunza water is able to maintain its life force so much longer than other kinds of water!

Basically, whenever you drink liquid water, your body converts it into fourth phase water (aka crystalline water, aka gel water aka structured water) In other words, it takes the H2O that you drink and makes it into H3O2 - your body is a little miracle worker, like that! So is every living thing. The “Biowater” in all living beings is highly structured! Your body does this process every day by means of high energy colloids inside you. These colloids have a strong electrical charge and act like microscopic little 'seeds' of electrical charge that attract water molecules. You can think of them as like tiny nuclei that build a little liquid crystal of hexagonal water molecules around themselves. (Not all colloids do this, only certain ones that have a stable electrical charge.)

Picture it: This little organic particle with a precise geometric form and just the right balance of electrical charges so that Hydrogen molecules are irresistibly attracted to hug it, gathering together in a giant group hug that forms complex hexagonal matrices. Geometries upon geometries of electrically conductive liquid water crystals. COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to the naked eye. Be still, my beating heart, water is making me swoon again.

Why does it matter? Because drinking this water doesn’t just passively satisfy thirst. It actively imparts life.

So the most effective ways to structure your water are through 1) vortexing movement and 2) highly charged nano colloids. There are other ways, but these form very stable hydrogen bonds that aren’t going to break down as quickly as the structures formed by some other methods.

This is why, despite my Luddite nature and ‘60s soul, I’m begrudgingly grateful that we live in the era in which we do. Because, guess what you have access to at your very fingertips even as you read this?! You guessed it… You have access to the ability to recreate Hunza water at home. Will it be as epic? NO. Unless your source water is from a melted glacier in the Himalayas 🤤. But will it be better than whatever shwag liquid you’re drinking now? DEFINITELY!

So here are my top picks for the two most basic and necessary water alchemy tools:

Crystal Energy Drops - Dr. Flanagan (Friggen brilliant water wizard and protege or Dr. Coanda) invented these nano colloid crystal nuclei that mirror those found in regions with Elixir-Of-Life-Water.

Vortexer - This one is my favorite, cause you can keep your water spiraling, so fresh and so clean clean.

In conclusion and without further ado, I’d like to draw your attention to a commonly held philosophy among mathematicians: "Geometry is the fingerprint of God.” Wherever we find sacred geometry in nature, we find life and intelligence. So, now that you’ve seen the true form of water, I hope you will never mistake her as inanimate again. Because if it exists anywhere, the fingerprint of god exists right here in these complex little fractal geometries of water.

I invite you to sit with this simple truth and notice how it strikes your heart. What deeper implications could this hold for the nature of what it means to be a living body of water? To help you dive deeper into the depths of your internal oceans, carrying the gift of this new knowledge, I’d love to offer you a short 10 minute free guided meditation, which you can find here. Please relax, enjoy, and afterwards drop me a comment and let me know how the experience was for you!

And if you want to learn and experience, hands-on, how to make your own water into vibrant, living, healing water, and if you want to cultivate a deeper connection with the source of life through the merging of science and spirit, then join us at the sacred waters of Koh Phangan in May for a 6 day immersion into the depth of water’s mysteries. Experience how good you can feel when you're fully hydrated on a cellular level, receive underwater bodywork sessions, understand how your aquatic body and the watery universe are interconnected, and become empowered as a water guardian at a time when water needs you most! Early bird discount is available now, it’s super affordable and infinitely valuable. Details at

I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this, if you learned something new, please share this! And if you want to stay in the loop about water, subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Instagram @jenisabelfriend. As always I want to keep bringing you valuable content, so let me know what you’d like to learn about water, and I’ll make a post just for you! Have a blessed day and stay hydrated!

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