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Where does water come from? What is water?

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

With World Water Day right around the corner, I wanted to share with you a little spoken word piece inspired by many ancient indigenous origin stories, woven with modern discoveries in science, cosmology, biology, etc.

Where does water come from? What is water?

No one really knows... Water is life, and life is a mystery.

So we may never fully understand water.

But by learning from ancient stories and modern discoveries, we can begin to glimpse.


As now we find ourselves poised up on the precipice of apocalypse, entering into an ending, let’s bow back to the beginning, genuflect to the Genesis and ask our ancestors' ancestors, who birthed this all into being?

Before we were single cells in a primordial soup, the soup itself was a singular ideal in the ethereal ethers, an akashic abyss of pre-existence. Akasha was empty, then, without record of a single sunrise or fire fly. Our medicine men and wise women call it the chaos of creation, but it was far from chaotic. It was supremely peaceful, in fact, perfectly fluid and profoundly free. There was not the existent, nor the nonexistent then. Darkness was hidden by darkness. Silence with heard only by silence. And even the oceanic ethers were still, before life within the lightless depth, absorbed within the fullness of emptiness. Without form and void.

Until, suddenly and all at once (in an instant which lasted an eternity — you can feel it unfolding even now) a blink, a twitch, a pre-cosmic shudder of shocking electricity pulsed through the bodiless body. A shaft of etheric electric ecstasy. An erratic lightning bolt of oceanic orgasm. The first and final pleasure, the primordial source and substance, a sudden and perpetual sweetness, Amrita in the mist. The primeval vibration.

In an instant (which stretches into now and beyond) the eyeless opened it’s eyes, felt its bodiless body and entirely by happy accident, spontaneously squirted our liquid cosmos to life. Now let’s be clear about this universe… It is not empty space. It flows like water, my friend, cosmic and subatomic. Infinite orbits all spinning like eddies in a whirl pool. 70% of the energy that fuels this divine dance of myth matter and mystery is “dark energy,“ what physicist call the energy of the vacuum, the zero point field. What our grandmothers grandmothers called ether or akasha. And, physicists say, it is wavy, like a fluid, it spirals like galaxies in motion, it is uniform across all space and time, an ocean of energy that animates all. In each light-filled moment of creation, some electric bliss zaps from the primordial etheric waters, through a vortex, spiraling all slippery from formless into form, by the creative dance of fibonacci spirals, until it meets the physical cosmic waters of creation. From metaphysical to physical, electricity carries the waters above into the waters below. So suddenly 3d, supreme source and substance.

There is a reason why every single planet sized body discovered by Hubble is known or suspected to have water. There is a reason why ice make up more than half of all condensed matter in our our solar system. There is a reason why hydro-gen, which is Latin for “water creator” makes up 70% of the atomic mass in the universe. 70% of the energy of the universe is what our ancestors called the waters of chaos. 70% of the earth is ocean. There is a reason why 70% of your body is water. My friend you are not just particle. You are wave. And even your waves are swimming within waves.

There is a reason, but only water knows why. There is a force of consciousness that swims this universe with electric spark, seeding water and electromagnetism, the integral ingredients of life, into every quiet corner of the cosmos.

I suspect there’s a reason why the cosmic clouds, the nebula nurseries where stars are born, contain enough water to fill the earths oceans 10 million times. Water both mothers and midwifes the creation of all stars, and then lives within their bright burning bellies as superionic amorphous ice, as the liquid life that flows inside the sun’s flames. But only water could tell you how. Perhaps it’s through the vortexes that turn waves into particles that the unmanifested waters of the absolute become the manifest waters of life. But only the waters inside your body could tell you what is true.

Then because of this wise and wild living liquid inside a star, because of waters primal drive toward life, it’s divine desire to live, the first atoms of carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen came together inside a star to form the first organic molecules required for biological bodies… The same atoms inside your eyes and toes in mind and nose. Yeah, I thought I saw something stellar in you.

When elderly supergiants,the grandmothers of galaxies, decide to die, they expel millions of metric tons of water in a stellar gushing guyser of celestial amrita, a cosmic climax after eons of foreplay between water and light. But the universe never changes it’s sheets, it just cycles that star water through the cyclical circular spiral of whirling orbits until it makes its way, finally, into your body. My dear, I thought I saw something stellar in you.

It could be the ancient baptism of the earths own blood that spirals through your spinal column, twisted by the vortices of your vertebrae. It could be the rushing gushing river is that spins in your spiral striated veins. Your blood does not merely flow, my dear, it spirals like a Sufi, whirling a dance that weaves you to divinity, you son of water bearing suns, you daughter of divine waters.

There is a reason for all of this. You could ask the water, who speaks through the electromagnetic rays, waves, and radiation informing your neural firing. And in the cell membranes of your own body which carry charges up to 10,000 volts, the force of an entire lightning bolt happening within you, a million times per moment, in membranes only microns thick. You, my aquatic electric love, are positively humming with energy, I could sense it when I saw you. And those vortexes of ether becoming water are still reeling with elation. Still thrilling with the magic of creation. Even inside you.

Water knows, feels, and remembers. She remembers when she was akashic ether and she can take your awareness there. Water remembers hurtling through the heavens and she can teach you the secrets of stars if you learn to listen. She is the sensory organ of the universe. Do you think it’s a coincidence that 99.92% of the molecules in your beautiful body are water? It is only the electrostatic Her simplicity belies infinite mystery. She gives rise to all other elements, creatrix and sustainer, omnipresent yet ever forgotten. She is you, yet treated as common place commodity, inanimate and inconsequential. She is the mediator between heaven and earth, the messenger between the human and the divine, the medium between physical and etheric. The perceptible form of the imperceptible, the physical body of life-force itself. Animation by vibration, she is every movement, every change. She is the healer of the sick and the restorer of deadened landscapes and deadened spirits. Shwenk said “Renouncing any form of her own, she becomes the creative matrix for form in everything else. Renouncing any life of her own, she becomes the primal substance of all life. Renouncing material fixity, becomes implementer of material change. Renouncing any rhythm of her own, she becomes the progenitor of all rhythm elsewhere.”

Our bodies come from the ocean and will return to the sea, we are bodies of water in which water pools along her journey, like lakes between tributaries. You are a shapeshifted form of liquid versatility, a way that water has adapted to walk instead of flow. Tich Naht Han said, “I only know that I was once a cloud because I am still a cloud.” Remember this, my aquatic friend, and never forget: The waters inside you are the same as the waters outside you. The only difference is that the water within you has crystalized into h3o2 prisms, into structured hydrogen bonded matrices of conductivity. This water is alive. Is a crystal. Is a living liquid crystal mirror through which cosmic light is projected, the prism through which the holographic spectrum of existence is shined into being. As the Kogi of Colombia say, within water is the metaphysical blueprint, the map of reality. All “worlds” of reality, from dreams to the structures of daily life, to psychic visions in medicine journeys, all are maintained by water.

So pause for a pulse now and let your self swim through your veins.

Well and swell yourself in your heart. Gush on up your own spine. Spill into your pineal ventricles. Conduct the sparks of light between your synapses. Crystallize in your glands. Resonate like cymatic waves in the cerebrospinal seas of vertebral vortices.

Shine the light of your awareness through the crystalline structures of the water within you, casting prismatic presence into the rhythmic rolling waves of your life breath the way each raindrop falling through the air is a prism for the spectrum of light.

Now that we have destroyed the hydrological cycle, the waters who gave life have come to claim life. Rising seas, cyclones and floods, the waters are here to wash away. The waters who give life come to claim life. Now that we have dehydrated our aquatic bodies, stealing our blood from the oceans and then poisoning them both, now that we are so dry we are all cancerous and dying, all inflamed and incendiary, the waters are here to wash away. At the end, we turn again to the beginning. In the apocalypse, we turn again to the ancestors. The ancients knew creation wasn't something that happened once, long ago. It is a process, a moment, an experience, now. The universe is constantly creating and re-creating itself through the medium of water, our wise and wild liquid life force. When we partner with water we thrive. When we dishonor water we die. I don’t know why. But I know that if we can remember this, we might survive.


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