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Water is Life

Water is Life

A Retreat to Connect with the Spirit of Water

Stay hydrated
Stay healthy

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Journey into the Source of Life at the edge of paradise

with Jen Isabel Friend

Koh Phangan


May 11 - 16, 2020


Meet the mysteries of water with a totally transformed perspective through 9 hours of MASTERCLASS study.

Receive the distillation of 10 years of research in fun, engaging water workshops covering modern science, ancient mythology, health & biology, song & ceremony, geopolitics and climate, etc.


Daily yoga, dance, and swimming targeted at youthening your fascia - the hydraulic network of intelligently structured water that channels water, information and electricity through your body.

Eat a deeply hydrating diet, and drink the highest quality water


Water is the physical body of consciousness itself. Meet this sentience in the profound practices of meditation, ritual, and ceremony based on indigenous water practices from around the world.

All on the shores of one of the most sacred bodies of water on Earth.


Connect with kindred spirits in a container of community and sharing. Groups who learn together, love together!

Not only will we become empowered as activists for our home and global communities, we will also make a difference for the Thai locals with an opportunity to serve the sacred waters.

Water has the answers!

You only need to understand how to work with her, and she becomes your greatest lifelong ally.

After this experience,

you will never drink a glass of water or take a shower in the same way again. 

Do you crave a deeper communion with life,

a scientific and spiritual understanding of yourself,

the earth, and the cosmos?

Empower your life with a PROFOUND paradigm shift! 

We are honored to welcome a local Buddhist Monk from a nearby temple, who will inaugurate our retreat with a traditional Thai water ceremony. We will meet together on the shore of this sacred beach to take part in an ancient ritual to connect with water and offer our prayers, guided by the inherited wisdom of the Thai Buddhist Cosmovision

Fascial Yoga

Daily yoga sessions will focus on fascial & meridian awareness and health. Hydration isn't about how much water you drink. It's also about how well your water can flow into the parts of your body that need it. The key to this process is your fascia - basically your body's intelligent web of structured water and collagen, which acts as a hydraulic system distributing hydration and information throughout your aquatic body.

Ritual & Ceremony

Make waves in the world through sacred water activism.

We'll be partnering with a local non-profit to help clean the local watershed and ensure access to clean potable water. You'll be making a direct difference in the lives of the families you'll meet and serve together.

Karma Yoga

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.

~Loren Eiseley

Reset your autonomic nervous system in a cosmic soup of infinite relaxation. Janzu is often seen as a rebirthing therapy, with the water representing the amniotic fluid of the womb. This healing experience in the water is a meditative journey where the therapist moves you, flowing with the water, as a dance, to enter another dimension, a calming state of being. 

It helps release physical tensions and let go of hold emotions to create space for lightness.

Janzu Therapy

Each participant (who stays in the villa) will receive a gift bag of water revitalizing tools. We will learn the significance and use of each one of them as a crucial part of your daily water strategy. These include water vortexers, water magnets, shungite, EMF shields, Quinton Marine Plasma, and more! 

Water Alchemy

Decreased gravity and the embrace of water with the safety of nose-clips offer a dive into the ecstatic three-dimensionality of the dolphin universe, explored with a "human pod" in unfolding ease, joyful play, creative movement, profound stillness, heart-opening intimacy, and soulful connection.
Submerge your entire being into the aquatic realms and allow your expressive, flowing, moving liquid self to emerge. With the support and embrace of the water, we will create, activate, and express our embodiment through the many layers of liquidity. We will explore techniques of self-awareness, breath, dance, water movement/aquatic bodywork and soft receptivity.

Aquatic Dance

We will have a collective excursion to visit one of the elaborately ornate local Buddhist temples, where the monks often hold water rituals. Each temple has reflecting pools, water dragons or nagas, and elaborate rituals of offering water aspersions to the Buddha or various spiritual deities. A meditative walk through one of these temples is a uniquely beautiful, reflective and contemplative experience.

Thai Temple Experience

”A drop of water, if it could write out its own history,

would explain the universe

to us.”

– Lucy Larcom

Water Is Life

and allying with water

is Life Changing

According to the ancients, water is the mediator between the physical and the divine, between the human and the heavenly.

Knowing how to work with the element of water can facilitate communion, manifestation, and deeper states of prayer and meditation.

It's time to embody the true empowerment of being a body of water living on a body of water.

“Not only the thirsty seek the Water, the Water as well seeks the thirsty.

Wash the dust from your heart and soul

with Water's wisdom”

– Rumi

overwhelmed by world events, out of touch with your spiritual center, thrown into whirlwinds of fear or doubt when faced with political, environmental, or social tides, disconnected from the Earth amid the frenzy of modern life...

No worries, there is a liquid calm amid the storm. We'll re-establish a solid inner foundation of peace so that we emanate positive change in the world, from a place of guardianship and stewarding what is most sacred.

If you are intelligent, curious and passionate about the links between health, ecology and spirituality, ready to dive into the places where mysticism and science meet, to uncover the blueprint for greater vitality, and eager to put all of that wisdom into service to make a difference and be of benefit in the world, then this retreat is for you. You may feel like you are missing a key aspect of communion with Source, or perhaps you're simply not well hydrated, and experiencing the mental and physical suffering that results from a dry body and dry mind. Whether you suffer the effects of disconnection from water physically or spiritually, this retreat is for you. 

When we are disconnected from water, we are cut off from our own vitality. When we reconnect with water, we discover not only greater physical health, but more mental and emotional wellbeing as well. In modern times we are disconnected from ancestral wisdom. But ancients of EVERY culture revered water. Reconnecting with water grounds us into the legacies of our lineages in an empowering activation. And science is revealing that WATER holds the answers on a quantum level to the mysteries behind the secret, the law of attraction, manifestation, and more. So it’s URGENT for anyone who wants to supercharge their prayers AND their body.

At this retreat we delve DEEP into the ancient myths and modern science of water. It completely, radically and irrevocably shifts peoples relationships with the primary element of life. Hours of masterclass study plus deep experiential therapies and water-based bodywork, plus exploring beautiful sacred sites and bodies of water for ritual and ceremonial practice are PROFOUND. 

By the end of this retreat, you will feel juicy, hydrated, connected, empowered and activated so that you can LIVE more fully through every water molecule of your aquatic body and make the difference in this world that you came here to make - from a place of deep connection and turned-on aliveness!

Perhaps You've Been Feeling...

Luxury and Simplicity in a Villa Where


Takes the Center Stage

We'll make ourselves at home in a lush open-air villa

whose pools extend into the spacious sunny living room, and swim-up kitchen where our private chef will prepare hydrating meals.

This stylish modern retreat space has a simple, natural design. Plenty of space for personal reflection and quiet contemplation, as well as gathering areas for yoga, dance and workshops. 8 King size beds and 3 twin beds are available in 9 beautiful private rooms, each with AC.

Only 150 meters from the beach!

The space is so lovely, you really have to see it to believe it. Picture yourself here soaking in the peaceful feng shui...

Home Away From Home

koh phangan

Koh Phangan is often called "The Crystal Island," as it's bedrock is all quartz, rose quartz, and flourite. These huge rose quartz deposits emit vibrations of unconditional love, joy and warmth, and folks often credit this in explaining the mysterious "magic" of the island, and the way it sems to amplify energy so strongly.

Koh Phangan also has the most beautiful sunsets I've personally ever seen, anywhere in the world.

The mystical vortex island is a laid back, independent, freespirited, slightly wild child land of lush beauty that everyone loves to love.

But Koh Phangan is not ‘just’ a beautiful tropical island gem with awesome natural beauty and amazing beaches, it is a hub of transformation which seems to exist in a kind of time warp where everything ostensibly slows down. Where even the land and water themselves breathe slowly and vibrate with vivacity.

Koh Phangan is the home of world-famous full moon parties, and more recently also new moon, half moon and crescent moon parties where expats and international travelers join together to share in like-minded, like-hearted kindred experiences, dance and celebration. The island is full of profound experiences and high-vibe conscious people.

Hydrating Menu

Our cuisine will be curated based on the research of

Dr. Dana Cohen &

Dr. Howard Murad, pioneers in the field of intracellular hydration and hydrating diets.

Knowledge is Power...

Let's Dive Deep...

We’ll explore how to biohack your BODY ECOLOGY for mega-hydration, super vitality and ultimate longevity, learning specific ways to hydrate that KEEP YOUR GENES YOUNG!

We’ll cover the cutting edge new science of water as the key to our future as a species, including: how WATER CAN SAVE THE WORLD - ending climate change, generating free energy, ending world hunger, preventing natural disasters, remote communication, levitation & MORE! All backed by groundbreaking research.


We’ll traverse anthropological history and cosmological discoveries revealing Water’s Myth & Mystery - Countless ancestral origin stories & indigenous wisdom traditions tell similar tales of our primal connection to water & its role in the Universe, and those legacies reveal the most profound truth about water that you’d never guess.


We’ll become Voices of the Waters, Learning ancient & modern MEDICINE MUSIC for healing waterways. Become a sacred SONG CARRIER, lift your voice to resonate, vibrate & pray with the source of life.


We’ll explore the practices of antiquity, and dig up the rituals of our ancestral connection to Water Witchcraft. Embodying our archetypes of Hedge Witches, mermaids & sea priestesses, we’ll Connect with indigenous European shamanic practices for water RITUAL,



We’ll get extremely honest about the water crisis on this planet, how it began and what we can each do about it. We’ll ask the most important question of the modern era: Who Owns Water? Is water a human right or a commodity? How is corporate water privatization causing worldwide drought & desertification? And WHAT CAN WE DO about it?


And finally, we will ACTIVATE! Our mother is calling us to step into Water Activism & Guardianship - Get EMPOWERED as a student, steward, and servant of the Source of Life! Become energized, mobilized and inspired as an effective aqua- activist.


These 6 days are a $2500 value

But I want to make this accessible to EVERYONE...


Full Price







Discount available

until March 19

3 installments

Total due May 1st

Snag a bed nearby and only join us for programming

For late-birds after March 19

Bring a friend or share a King bed,

get $333 off

Come for just one day ~ $222

( Find Coupon Codes in Ticket Description at Checkout )

  • Six days and five nights in a beautiful villa on Koh Phangan. 8 king size beds available. 3 twin beds available.

  • Group aquatic dance session(s) (underwater contact improv).

  • One service trip excursion

  • One excursion to a Thai temple

  • 2 delicious local, organic, hydrating meals per day, plus snacks.

  • Daily morning Yoga and Meditation

  • Two workshops per day, plus an evening ceremony, ritual, or activity.

  • 24 hour access to our 2 private pools, plus the magical beach a short 3 minute walk away.

  • Access to our private Water is Life Retreat Facebook community.

  • Surprise water alchemy gifts you will LOVE! (for full-price participants only)

  • 9 hours of life-changing MASTERCLASS water workshops.

What's included...

  • Lunch is not included. We will have snacks available, or you're welcome to visit charming neighboring restaurants, a short walk away.

  • Travel to/from Koh Phangan is not included. Use the Facebook group to coordinate rideshares. You'll receive an email with info regarding shuttles to/from airport, catching a boat to the island, etc.

  • Optional Janzu sessions, by donation

  • Optional underwater photoshoot, price TBD

What's not included...

Travel Insurance...

Travel Insurance can protect you in case:

      •  you cancel your participation in the retreat

      •  retreat is cancelled due to weather, natural disaster, or not enough participants to run the trip

      •  lost baggage

      •  medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become ill or injured


We recommend TRAVELGUARD, which offers a variety of travel insurances, including the option for a comprehensive “cancel for any reason” policy. If you cancel your retreat – for any reason – your airfare, hotel, retreat costs, etc. up until 48 hours prior to travel, will be covered. You must contact Travelguard and purchase the policy within 15 days of buying your airline tickets or incurring any costs for any part of your travel. You can also just insure your air tickets.

Cancellation Policy...

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in the retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy below will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but we have costs already incurred when reserving the location, caterer, etc. We have designed our cancellation policy to be as compassionate as possible in the case that your plans change. But to protect yourself further, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance


90 days or more prior to the start of the retreat, you receive:  50% of your deposit returned

0-90 days prior to the start of the yoga retreat, you receive:  no refunds or credits

To cancel, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel




We have never had to cancel a retreat, however, if we do cancel a trip due too few participants, we will refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid. We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred.


If Bella Retreats or Jen Isabel Friend are prevented from performing any of their obligations by acts of God, strikes, trade disputes, fire, weather, breakdowns, interruption of transport, government or political action, acts of war or terrorism, acts or omissions of a third party or for any other cause whatsoever outside Bella Retreats or Isabel's reasonable control, Bella Retreats and Isabel will be under no liability whatsoever and may either cancel or postpone the retreat.




Koh Phangan has profoundly sacred water, and I'm honored to share this experience with you on the famous Crystal Island

Isabel is an activist and public speaker who has been studying water’s mysteries for ten years and teaching them for five. A passionate servant, steward and student of nature, she balances wisdom and reverence in her writing and teaching of workshops, yoga, and dance.

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