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How was the


Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Marce Resendez

I recommend so much every offering Isabel has to share. Come and catch it. Because it's a gift for yourself and also a gift for those around you, and for the world. You will come out with so many tools, you will be so inspired, it will change your life. 


Nikki Appleton

The power of water is something that's not easily expressed. And Isabel expresses it in a brilliant way that everyone can understand. And the whole retreat is so hydrating and water-abundant. For the 5 days I've been here, it's the best I've felt almost ever.


Harmony Rose

I loved it. I loved the space that we shared. I loved the intellectual heady knowledge that Isabel has been able to accumulate and share and remember. It's mind-blowing. In some ways, quite literally so. 

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Darren Armstrong

This would be great for everyone to participate in. Especially those who think they don't have a relationship with water, because we all do - whether we realize it or not. 


Steve Ward

I'm blown away. I so appreciate this incredible retreat.


Arin Rain

I would highly recommend this experience to someone else. And actually any workshop that Isabel gives. What she brings is SUPER inspiring.

Image by Anastasia Taioglou

Jenna Macewan

Being able to continue our education while being out of our comfort zone and learning about water and about a new culture, it's life-changing. The knowledge you'll learn, you'll be able to take for the rest of your life.


Kai Cronin

We received so much deep unbelievable poignant knowledge of water, of ourselves, of our relationship, purpose, action plans... And I feel like everybody should do this because this is some of the most important work we can do right now. And we've been overlooking this. 


Sol Naciente

Infinite gratitude to Isabel for all her knowledge and this love for water that she transmit in a passionate way, I feel honored to have been part of this initiation!

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