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6 Things You Need to Know about Water

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

1. Not all water is created equal

Bottled water, tap water, RO or distilled water, spring water, well water, they’re chemically and structurally diverse.

Just because it’s all clear liquid, doesn’t mean it’s all the same.

The chemical compounds, vibrational frequencies, and molecular structures of these different kinds of water vary greatly, and they all have very different effects on your biology and psychology.

2. Water is still a mystery

It may seem simple and ubiquitous, but science has still only scratched the surface of water.

There are over 63 anomalies in the way that water behaves that scientists still can’t explain.

In fact, just recently, a fourth phase of water was discovered. Beyond solid liquid and gas, this fourth phase of water behaves like a crystal in that is has a structured molecular pattern and it can store and transmit information like a computer.

And guess what? It’s found all over nature and even within your own body! Drink this kind of water not only hydrates you better, but it promotes beauty, intelligence and longevity by strengthening your collagen, nourishing your cerebrospinal fluid, and lengthening the lifespan of all of your cells by supporting the cell membranes ability to absorb hydration and nutrients from the environment.

3. Water creates Free Energy 

If we were to work with water according to it’s natural principles rather than treating it like an inanimate object, as modern hydrologists do, it’s capable of incredible things, like free energy generation. Not only should we pursue wind and solar energies, but water energy as well.

And I’m not talking about hydroelectric dams, which wreak havoc on ecosystems. I’m talking about water’s inherent ability to generate infinite free energy.

This can happen in several different ways, here are 3 of my favorite:

1. Water whose molecules are structured, aka crystalline water or Exclusionary Zone water has a negative ionic charge. Water with random unstructured molecules, aka bulk water, has a positive charge. So if you stick a diode in either side, voila! Water is a battery! Free energy right there

2. Water that flows through a pipe in a spiral or vortexing pattern experiences less resistance as the velocity is increased, and is even able to reach less than zero resistance. Resistance means it takes energy to push the water through the pipe. Negative resistance means the water generates energy as it moves through a spiral pipe. So if we switched all the pipes in plumbing infrastructure over to ones with spiral striations, then not only would we need to use electricity to pump water, but we would actually be able to harvest electricity from plumbing. It’s certainly time for a major overhaul of water infrastructure in the US, considering that so much of the current piping is crumbling, leaching lead into the water. In fact in most cities along the East Coast, we are using the same pipes that were installed before the Civil War! If we don’t change the pipes, Flint Michigan will recur all over the country. So when we do replace them, let’s replace them with spiral pipes! 

3. In fact, since all naturally flowing (not rerouted or straightened) rivers and waterways create vortices, you can place little turbines in a river and collect the ambient energy that the current produces, without actually expending any of the water, nor impacting any of the fish or wildlife.

4. You are chronically dehydrated. Yes, you!

You might not feel thirsty, but nearly 100% of the US population suffers from perpetual low-level thirst. We need a LOT more water and minerals than we are getting. Consider this: When someone goes to the hospital or is picked up by an ambulance, what’s the first thing they give them? An IV drip. What’s that? saline. What’s that? Just salt and water! Literally, just mineralized water. The FIRST thing they do is hydrate the person. It’s your most primal need.

The body needs water to catalyze EVERY SINGLE function it performs, even the most basic ones, like thinking. Because your brain cells are 85% water, being even 1% dehydrated can even lead to brain fog, moodiness or trouble concentrating.

In fact, at their essence, most of the health issues people suffer actually stem from underlying chronic dehydration… The body initiates a kind of “drought management system” to preserve water, by delegating it’s minimal water reserves to the most important functions and away from others, leading to chronic symptoms and acute allergies.

A few conditions which research has traced back to dehydration:

  • Gastritis

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • High blood pressure

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Migraines

  • Diabetes (because insulin inhibition is an adaptation process of the pancreas to the dehydration of the body.)

  • and TONS more

Of course, everyone's body is different, and disease is a complex and nuanced interplay of many internal and environmental and emotional factors. But the research is irrefutable: When in doubt, you’re probably just dried out. 

5. Water is disappearing really quickly.

Thanks to poor water conservation practices, it’s estimate that by the year 2050, half of the population won’t have access to clean drinking water.

We’ve rerouted rivers and waterways, straightening the naturally circuitous paths that keep the water clean and prevent the buildup of sediment. Marshes and bogs are some of the most commonly destroyed and paved-over ecosystems, even though it’s marshes and bogs that act as nature’s water filtration and treatment systems, restoring clean water to the environment. Large-scale agriculture is depleting aquifers at an alarming rate.

100x more people die today from lack of access to clean water than die from war, and there are already wars being fought over water rights all over the world. This is the most pressing political and ecological issue facing us today, yet most people have never heard of it. Thankfully there are steps each of us can take as individuals to address and reverse desertification by supporting our local watershed and actively opposing water privatization.

6. Water can reverse climate change.

In fact, it may be the only thing that can!

75% of water worldwide is used for agriculture. This is because most places in the world use what’s called “flood irrigation” which wastes 50-80% of the water it uses to seepage and evaporation and overtills the soil, which is carried away by wind. This is absolutely crucial because if we were to address agricultural water use, that alone would be enough to stop the global water crisis and reverse climate change. Because water is cooling, it regulates atmospheric temperatures. When droughts are caused by poor farming practices, and regions become increasingly decertified, then there’s less water available to circulate through the hydrological cycle and cool the atmosphere.

We lean too heavily on blaming pollution, but depletion of the hydrological cycle is JUST as great a cause of climate change as greenhouse gas emissions.

From global scale phase changes, to fluctuating sea surface temperatures, to cloud microphysics and atmospheric regulation, water is unequivocally the mediator of solar energy on earth. On this macro environmental scale, water literally is the intermediary between the sun and the planet’s ecology. If we solve the hydrological crisis, we will solve the climate crisis. Period. That’s why we have to start taking water more seriously. In a climate change induced by increased CO2, only water has the potential of enhancing or mitigating global warming because water is the primary vehicle that redistributes the suns energy around the planet, as both a transducer and conveyor of energy. The solar energy reaching the earth is made available for the planets ecosystems to work through the phase changes of water.

Water is the only molecule that is able to affect the planets climate on short time scales.

So if you only take one thing away from this post, I hope it’s the realization that Water is not some stagnant object!  Don’t be fooled by her apparent simplicity. Just because she is colorless and tasteless and formless doesn’t mean she’s lifeless. You might not be able to see what’s going on inside her just with the naked eye, any more than you can see all the cells and minerals and electrical signals in a drop of your own blood. But if you put either one under a dark-field microscope, suddenly a whole world of activity becomes visible.

So don’t underestimate your water. She’s got it going on. She is all of the magic and all of the mystery on this planet. There is no life and no beauty without her. So let’s support our water in being as vibrant as possible, yes?

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