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“A drop of water, if it could write out its own history,

                                                                                                 would explain the universe to us.”

                                            ~ Lucy Larcom

Dive deep into the magic, mystery, and science of water

with Isabel Friend,  international

water advocate.

It’s been said that fish have no awareness of the water that they swim in.
This may be true. But to what extent are we, as humans, aware of the water that we ARE?

We are 70% water by volume. Yet molecularly, we are 99.95% water molecules.

We are water beings as much as we are human beings.

So, what is this incredible substance we are made of, which ancients revered and which defies many laws of physics? What is this unifying thread of life that animates and sustains all?

You’re invited to step into an emerging understanding of water as the liquid body of life. Such an understanding, informed by indigenous wisdom and modern discovery, draws us deep into the merging of spirit and science, and into a new generation of regenerative solutions for health, climate, energy, and peace.

Water is the foundation of a unified approach to ecology, politics, medicine, and more. This simple, profound, and graceful means by which all of nature sustains herself is beckoning us, showing us the way forward. And the secrets she shares are truly stunning, paradigm-altering and awe-inspiring.

Join us on this journey into the heart of life, into the blood of the earth, into the water you are.

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