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Charging Water with PEMF Therapy - PEMF Devices for Body Water Optimization & Infoceutical Hydration

Find my favorite PEMF devices here:

Pulsing ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) technology energizes water at the quantum level. More than that, think enhanced energy, enhanced circulation, enhanced immune system and incredibly even enhanced meditation experience that offers a whole new stage of physical, emotional and spiritual bliss. It does so for your body’s biowaters when you’re near the device, bringing more coherence and crystallinity. It also does so for your drinking water, which can be charged by the device, turning your water into a liquid vessel of vibration itself.

PEMF therapy can help energize, oxygenate, and lower the surface tension of water making it more bioavailable, electrically conductive, and hydrating. Since our bodies are mostly water, PEMFs will improve the transfer of essential elements and nutrients to the cells. This will improve energy production in the cells, and help to better facilitate waste removal out of the cells and body. PEMF Therapy is a way to recharge every cell in your body so they have an optimal biomagnetism and hydroelectricity. Bio-electricity is primarily conducted through intracellular and extracellular fluids. Science has proven that damaged, weak cells have an imbalanced electrical gradient or charge. Cellular charge can be restored by several methods, with PEMF therapy directly to the body and to your drinking water being among the most effective ways to energize and restore vitality. It’s well documented. Numerous benefits of PEMF therapy have been proven in more than 1,600 medical studies.

Best of all, selectively incorporating very specific frequencies in the use of your new PEMF device will turn your water into what’s called an “infoceutical.” In other words, it will carry the structure, resonance, and information contained in whatever vibrational field you expose it to. For example, it could resonate with the frequency of Mother Earth when exposed to the Schumann resonance. It could resonate with the frequency of binaural alpha brainwaves, if you’d like to cultivate more focus, presence and attention in your mentality that day. The water could resonate with the nutritional information of specific vitamins and supplements, if that’s what your body needs, and you know which frequencies to use in patterning the PEMF. is on the cutting edge of medicine, and I invite you to make your own, right at home. Take your health into your own hands and nourish your body of water with the resonance it’s craving.

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Find my favorite PEMF devices here:

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