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COVID Part 2 - Water's Answers to Corona Crisis Questions - Deuterium

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Would it surprise you to know that that water holds the keys to antiviral health?

This may sound cavalier. But why wouldn’t water be curative?

Water is life. So when we're faced with a question of life or death, the source of life will have some answers.

The more scientists peer into the mysterious complexity of water, the more they discover exactly why *certain* water sustains life.

Your body is 70% water volumetrically. And 99% water molecularly!

So naturally, the *kind* of water you’re made of will have the greatest influence in your health. Yes, diet and lifestyle are important. But water is even more important than diet and lifestyle. 

So this is part two of exploring the answers water can provide during this coronavirus pandemic crisis. This goes far beyond just drinking 8 glasses a day, we’re going deep, and if you want to dive even deeper, you can find reference links to studies at the bottom of this post. Of course I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice, but it all comes straight from doctors, scientists and researchers. Water is at the forefront of medicine, and this information is meant to empower you to inhabit your body of water in ways that will help you thrive in the face of viral adversity.

Today’s topic is...


It’s an isotope of hydrogen. This is one of the main differences between the water found on earth now, versus the water that our ancestors drank. Ancient water had lower levels of hydrogens evil twin, deuterium.

A research center in Budapest called HYD LLC is actually starting clinical studies to verify deuterium depleted water’s effects specifically on Covid-19 ! It looks promising. There’s already so much research on how it can prevent viruses, and in terms of treating existing viral infections they've already shown incredible results in studies in animals, and now they’re starting human COVID-specific tests.

So what is deuterium exactly? Well, we all know water is H2O, right? Two hydrogens and one oxygen. The hydrogen comes in three main “flavors”: regular hydrogen (called protium), tritium, and deuterium.

Deuterium has all the same properties as regular hydrogen, except it's twice as heavy cause it has an extra neutron. So deuterium is "heavy hydrogen,” which is why deuterium rich water (aka deuterated water) is called “heavy water” and deuterium depleted water is “light water"

And although it behaves like regular hydrogen in the environment, it acts much differently than regular hydrogen in chemical reactions inside our bodies, because there's a significant difference in it's electronegativity.

In part 1 of this series we saw how hydrogen from water fuels the spinning turbines that make energy in our mitochondria. Well, deuterium-hydrogen is too heavy for that.

It's like thick, gluggy, viscous oil  - when you put thick gooey oil into an engine, the engine will sputter, choke, and eventually break. And, broken mitochondrial turbines means less energy, less cellular magnetism, and more disease.

And for a number of reasons ranging from drinking water quality to radiation to diet to lifestyle, modern people have way too much D inside their cellular fluid.

It can cause immune dysregulation, like immunological responses to ordinarily non-harmful entities in the body that would otherwise be ignored. Soon, your confused immune system gets too worn out to mount any effective response to really harmful entities when needed.

And studies show that pathogens like viruses, bacteria and yeast actually thrive in a high-D environment, and that increased deuterium can increase their growth rate, lifespan, and size. But by drinking D-depleted water, "light water," we can support our body’s natural ability to auto-regulate and deplete D from inside our own metabolic water. 

It’s important because Deuterium can actually alter the shape of your DNA - leading to all kinds of issues with genetic replication. Remember, this is how Coronavirus proliferates itself is through RNA transcription of the DNA. And mis-shapen DNA is more susceptible to corruption.

Your double helix is held in its chiral structure by water molecules in between the genes. So when deuterium-heavy DNA is no longer able to fold properly, it stays stretched out and the cell keeps replicating instead of resting like a normal cell. This means less telomeres, premature aging,

and your cells replicate more sub-optimal genes.  

Don’t get me wrong, a little D is no big deal. It’s natural, the Earth uses it to help things grow. It helped you grow as you were a baby and teenager, and it helps growing plants and animals. But once you stop growing, having too much in your cellular fluid can cause other things to grow - things that you DONT want, like the proliferation of bacteria, funguses, protozoa, and - you guessed it - viruses!

Plus, it reduces cellular energy and magnetic field strength and causes DNA, hormones and proteins to literally get bent out of shape.

THEN, less oxygen is drawn from the blood and your redox potential decreases.

And a lowering of your redox potential means a big increase in your susceptibility to viral illnesses like COVID-1984, which specifically affects your blood oxygenation and redox potential. This is one big difference between people who carry the virus with no symptoms or minimal symptoms, vs. people who get laid out by the virus and have to be hospitalized.

Here’s the last, and maybe most interesting relationship between deuterium water and viruses…

Vaccines contain genetically disabled viruses, usually suspended in water? Well how do they keep vaccines so that those viruses stay viable within the vials as they’re stored before injection? One of the most effective ways is by storing them in deuterium-rich water! That’s right, heavy water, full of deuterium, helps preserve the viruses inside vaccines. A researcher named Dr. Crainic and his colleagues made batches of vaccine viruses with distilled water and heavy water, and heated them to 45°C. After seven days, the heavy deuterium water sample had 1,000 times as many active viruses. So wouldn’t deuterium in your body do the same thing? That’s why it’s so crucial to limit and deplete our inner deuterium.

Because where viruses thrive in heavy water, they perish in light water!

So, what do we do with this knowledge?

Where to get Light Water:

The best “ light waters", or deuterium depleted waters, are Qlarivia, HydroHealth, I Love This Drink, Vetera and Preventa, they have Deuterium levels around 20 - 120 ppm. Or get hardcore medicinal scientific grade <1ppm Light Water at Sigma Aldrich. They aren’t cheap - around $20 per liter, 80-100/gallon. But that’s cheaper than hospital bills for the millions of people without health insurance. ((Not that it’s a replacement for medical treatment, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!))

But these are financially tight times for many, and if you can’t buy it, you can also kinda make light water at home. It’s not nearly as good, but it only costs pennies and time.

How to Make Light Water:

(instructions courtesy of Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D.)

You get the lowest deuterium count using distilled water. But, at the

very least, make sure you have highly filtered water (reverse osmosis, etc.).

Here’s the low-cost procedure to lower your deuterium count::

To make 3 quarts of DDW (105-125 ppm) from 2 gallons of water at a

time, you’ll need the following items: (2) gallons of water, (4) one-gallon

sized plastic containers with a wide mouth and screw on lid, (2) half gallon

containers with a wide mouth and screw on lid, black felt tip marker.

Mark (2) of the gallon containers “1st Freeze”, then, (2) gallon containers

“2nd freeze,” and (2) smaller containers “3rd freeze”. This makes keeping track

of which container is at which stage of the process easier. Heavy water freez-

es before light water, so your objective is to freeze and separate out the heav-

iest water, leaving the best DDW to drink.

Step 1: Place the 2 gallons of water in your deep freeze for 6-7 hours. I have

learned that if I put them in the freezer just before I go to bed and retrieve

them as soon as I wake up that I avoid the solid freeze which is a time-

consuming mistake. When the water freezes solidly it takes over 8 – 10 hours

to thaw enough to warrant the 2nd freeze. Freeze it to about 25%.

Step 2: Break a hole in the ice cap of the partially frozen water and pour out

the unfrozen (75%) water into container marked “2nd freeze”. I use a funnel to

prevent any small pieces of ice to drop into this container. Screw top tightly in

place & put into the freezer for about 4 hours.

Step 3:Repeat step 2 and pour the unfrozen 75% of water into the container

marked “3rd freeze”. Place this container in freezer for about 3 hrs.

Step 4: Pour the unfrozen water into your drinking water pitcher, cover, and

place in fridge, drink up to ½ your body’s weight in ounces daily for full bene-

fit. You will have made about 3 quarts starting from 2 gallons of water.

So what else affects your D levels?

Turns out - a lot of things!

The second biggest way we take water into the body, besides drinking it, is by eating it! So our diet has a big effect on whether our body water has protium- hydrogen or deuterium-hydrogen.

Lifestyle Deuterium do’s and don’ts:

There are several ways to lower deuterium for better health and wellness:

  • Fasting and dry fasting lower deuterium

  • Ketogenic diet, seasonal ketogenic diet, and low-carb high-fat diets lower deuterium

  • Quality sleep in darkness lowers deuterium

  • Sunlight, cold exposure, breathwork, and exercise help lower deuterium

Dietary Deuterium do's & don'ts

What are the best foods to eat that are deuterium depleted?

  • Green plants

  • Nuts

  • Grass-fed animals

  • Fish

  • Young food

  • Fat from plants and grass fed animals

Foods that contain higher levels of deuterium:

  • Fruit, Potatoes and Grains -Plants get rid of their deuterium by putting it in their sugar storage

  • Grain-Fed Animals

  • Old food is higher in deuterium than young food because it, like us, lose their ability to deplete deuterium with age

You can get a home test kit to test your own inner deuterium levels via saliva here...

And if you want professional medical help with your D levels, The Center for Deuterium Depletion can use MRI to map the patterns of D in your body—in your hair, nails, your DNA. Doctors there can recommend you a protocol to deplete it.

To learn more, you can also follow the work of Dr. Laszlo Boros, Dr. Que Collins, and Dr. Anne Cooper, who are pioneers in the field of deuterium depletion therapy.

Okay! That’s the basics of Deuterium water, it’s about making our modern water more like ancient water.

Because water is life. So of course, water can save lives. 

And for a quick, FREE Quench your thirst guide, head to my website, it's a simple overview of a few key hydration hacks. Then if you want to dive deeper and learn the difference between bottled, tap water, reverse osmosis, alkaline, spring water, etc. etc. and how each affects your mind and body differently, I have a brand new ecourse for you. It’s just 10-20 minutes a day for 7 days, you can empower your hydration for the rest of your life! So join us there.

To learn more:

Explore the LIFE CHANGING magic, mystery & science of water.

Transform your relationship to and understanding of 


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Top water tools & tech.


What to drink, what not to drink, and WHY. 

Find out how different kinds of water affect your mind

and your body very differently. Because what you drink, you become.

If you learned something new today, please share this! And if you want to stay in the loop, subscribe to the newsletter, follow on Instagram, or join our Bodies of Water Facebook group. Everyone have a blessed day, stay home and stay hydrated!  


Deuterium Depleted Water


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