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COVID Part 3 - Water's Answers to Corona Crisis Questions - Marine Plasma

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We are living in an era of pandemic. Which means that now, more than ever, it's time to take sovereignty of our own health. It’s time to empower our strategies for thriving, to take our resilience into our own hands and strengthen it with nature's solutions.

Throughout all of nature, water is life, so within water is the blueprint of life and of health. It’s time to embrace what it means to be a living, breathing body of water, living on a body of water, and learn from the ways in which the source of life can save lives.

This is part 3 of my new series exploring how water holds the keys to the corona crisis. I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice, but you can find reference links to medical studies and articles at the end of this post.

Today I want to introduce you to one of the single most effective immune boosting tools ever. It can protect every cell in your body, right down to the genetic level. 

It’s medicine made by the ocean itself, and I mean that literally.

It’s actually pharmaceutical grade, and was listed as a pharmaceutical medicine in the European Physician’s Desk Reference (until it’s efficacy threatened pharmaceutical companies.)

But before I give it away, I invite you to consider this…

whether it is in the form of amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva, lymph, synovial fluid, semen, breast milk, sweat, tears, urine or blood, water is your body. The waters you carry are the blood of Mother Earth. You are a drop of the ocean.

We evolved from creatures that lived in the sea. And we have adapted to carry the earths oceans within us as our own bloodstream... but this life on dry land has led us to forget that we are primarily still aquatic life forms.

In fact, human fetuses still have gill-slit structures as they develop in the internal ocean of the womb. 

Amniotic fluid mirrors the mineral composition of the ocean exactly.

The electrolyte ratios of your blood plasma are the EXACT same as ocean water.

And your cerebrospinal fluid is only one single molecule different from seawater.

You are a drop of the ocean.

Health is not just the absence of illness. And it’s not about germs and viruses that may come into your body. We all have a whole slew of viruses inside us all the time. It’s about how effectively your inner terrain is balanced to be able to inhibit quorum sensing prevent those germs and viruses from proliferating, and to keep you in a state of homeostasis. So it’s the state of your extracellular matrix that really runs your inner ecosystem and regulates your immune response.

In fact, Nobel laureate Dr. Alexis Carrel demonstrated that

cells can live almost indefinitely when kept in an optimal oceanic environment.

His research showed that “The cell is immortal. It’s only the fluid surrounding it that degenerates.“ He was able to keep heart tissue alive in the lab for over 30 years by immersing it in an environment of oceanic marine plasma.

He used what's called Quinton Marine Plasma, discovered by Rene Quinton in the 1800s. It’s harvested from a specific plankton bloom, a giant annual vortex that gathers nutrients from the ocean floor and mixes with nutrients from plankton.

It’s a living matrix of genetic codes spanning billions of years.

It contains entire periodic table of elements, RNA, DNA, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, fatty acid’s, organic acids, etc. I sort of think of it as the primordial soup - a concentrated broth of everything necessary to sustain life.

All of life, for 2 billion years of evolution, existed only in the ocean. Humans have been around in our current form for 200,000 years, but for two BILLION years, life was oceanic. The whole structure, function and design of life is based on this aquatic environment. The ocean was life’s terrain. And as Quinton said,

the only way that life was able to eventually leave the oceans was by adapting to carry the ocean inside bodies.

In the early 1900s, Quinton established 69 free clinics in Europe and Africa. Group of doctors saved hundreds of thousands of lives with this Marine Plasma. They saw success rates over 90% with a variety of ailments and serious conditions.

Whales and dolphins travel thousands of miles to feed on these blooms, so how lucky are we that we can have it delivered right to our door! Think about it, the aging process doesn’t occur the same in the ocean as on land. Aged whale cells and young whales cells are virtually indistinguishable, unlike land mammals. And there are no chronic diseases in ocean life. 

Earths oceans contain the blueprint of life, it’s literally the amniotic fluid of the earth. And it can ignite and renew our genetic potential. 

Craig Venter, one of the scientists responsible for mapping the human genome, has been investigating genetics in marine life. In only two years, his team already found MILLIONS of new genes and proteins that more than doubled the number of known genes on Earth. Earth's oceans contain the blueprint for life. They are a storehouse of genetic information arcing back to the primordial soup.

So let’s consider the genetic effects of a virus like Covid. 

Coronaviruses are enveloped, single-stranded RNA viruses, which means that their genome consists of a strand of RNA (rather than DNA) and that each viral particle is wrapped in a protein “envelope.” Viruses all do basically the same thing: they invade a cell and co-opt some of its components to make copies of themselves, which then infect other cells. The SARS-COV-2 virus binds to a receptor called ACE2.

So why do people who’ve contracted Covid-19 have such varying responses to the infection? Well, general genetic vulnerability could play a role; certain gene variants can put some people at higher risk for certain infectious diseases. Others offer protection, like the CCR5 mutation that makes some people resistant to the HIV virus, for example. Genetics are a huge factor in the course of a viral infection.

After all, immune systems are tuned differently inside different people. And each person will have a different expression of the gene that codes for the ACE2 receptor, which is found on the surface of lung and some other cells,

it’s like the molecular doorway through which Covid-19 infiltrates the body.

Small variations in this gene may result in versions of the receptor that are easier or more difficult to unlock, or a person might develop fewer receptors for the virus to grab onto. Obviously there are too many factors to name, like age, underlying health problems, socioeconomic status and access to early testing and quality care—these things will matter most of all in determining who lives and who dies from Covid-19.

But DNA absolutely plays a role in shaping disease outcomes, and it’s a level at which we can each take personal sovereignty and responsibility.

One of the ways we can do this is through the use of Quinton Marine Plasma

It plays such a role in bolstering the DNA, that IV infusions of Oceanic Marine Plasma can even overcome genetic birth defects, which are something that western medicine writes off as incurable. Cases where pregnant women had had up to eight stillbirths or had genetically deficient children, when they were infused with Quinton marine plasma they gave birth to healthy babies. Thousands of kids at the clinics recovered from severe disease and genetic abnormalities with QMP.

This is the power of water.

This is the wisdom of the ocean.

Whales and dolphins travel thousands of miles to feed on these blooms, so how lucky are we that we can have it delivered right to our door! Think about it, the aging process doesn’t occur the same in the ocean as on land. Aged whale cells and young whales cells are virtually indistinguishable, unlike land mammals. And there are no chronic diseases in ocean life. 

Thank you so much for joining this dive into biohacking your health with the liquid source of life!

If we want to survive and thrive, the answers are in the physical form of life itself - water.


And if you wanna take your hydration into your own hands, check out the free quickstart quench your thirst guide on my website, it's a simple overview of a few key hydration hacks.

Then if you want to dive deeper and learn the difference between bottled, tap water, reverse osmosis, alkaline, spring water, etc. etc. and how each affects your mind and body differently, I have a brand new ecourse for you.

It’s just 10-20 minutes a day for 7 days, you can empower your hydration for the rest of your life! So join us there.

If you learned something new today, please share! Means the world to me.

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Everyone have a blessed day and stay hydrated!

Reference Links:

2. Interview with Robert Slovak for the Hydration Foundation

6. Essential Medical Physiology, Stanley Schultz

8. L’eau du Mer, Milieu Organique (Seawater, the Organic Milieu) by René Quinton

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