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Hydrating Supplements - Techniques for Deeper Intracellular Hydration

It doesn't matter how much water you drink - it matters how much you can absorb and retain. Nutritional supplementation can make a dramatic impact on our body's ability to hydrate, which has massive impacts on our quality of life.


The water most people drink has been so processed, it no longer contains the minerals and probiotics that natural spring water does. Water from nature is it's own health supplement. But filtered bottled and tap waters can have the opposite effect - acting as aggressive solvents and chemical-soups that may actively dehydrate people. . We all need to bolster our bodies a bit extra so we can thrive at our best. Many of these supplements will actually help your body to create it's own endogenous "metabolic water," your internal hydration mechanism. Others are designed to strengthen your cell membranes so that your cells retain intracellular hydration with no "leakage." Others are on the list to help your lymphatic fluid (the biggest ocean in your body) to detoxify so that it can flow better. Others will help to raise your phase angle, which is an electrical measurement of your body’s hydration level. And much more. . Based on my years of research, all of the supplements in the “Supplementation” collection on Waterislife.Shop are tailored specifically to help you deeply, truly, cellularly hydrate! And to experience the whole healing cascade of wellness that hydration entails, inside and out.

Find these hydrating supplements here:

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