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If water is life, what is death?

If water is life, what is death?

We all know that water is the ultimate reincarnator. She’s infinitely adaptable, is always changing form, phase and function, and cannot be destroyed. So what does that tell us about our own spirits, which are given form by water, and resonates within us as vibrations channeled through the superconductive network of structured water in our bodies?

Dr. Gilbert Ling suggested from his experiments that death is when the structure of water disappears. That’s was his distinction between life and death. It’s at least a tenable definition. I would add that structured water is only one dimension to life and on its own is not life. However, structured water has the highest state of consciousness or awareness due to its infinite and unfathomable anomalies that give order and direction to life. And, certainly, without it, there is no life.

Without structured water, all function is absent. No signals can be conducted through the body without structured biowater - no brainwaves, no electromagnetism in the heart field, no nerve signals. It may not a perfect definition, because of course if someone is shot in the heart, all of the water in their body wouldn’t all immediately lose its structure. But, interestingly, the second you die, you do instantaneously weigh about 20 grams less. But, the biowater would be conducting less and less vibration and signaling cell function. It does make me wonder about the countless indigenous cultures who postponed burial rituals for many days after death, conducting ceremonies and rituals, believing that the spirit takes time to leave. The water would also perhaps take a bit of time to destructure to the point that they could no longer hold the capacity for current or consciousness.

As Alan Watts said, “My death will be the disappearance of a particular pattern in the water.”

We can see clearly that, as we age towards death, or as we develop various diseases, the bodywater loses its structure. The intracellular fluid of a person with any disease, regardless of its labeled diagnosis, is significantly less structured and more prone to entropy than that of a healthy or biologically youthful person.

In his book Light after Life, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov measured the cellular energy leaving a body after death using GDV cameras. In most cases the energy flow ceased from the body after 60 hours. Korotkov starts his book by posing the statement: Death does not exist, as the body energy moves to soul energy (ie. cellular memory of all life’s experiences) and to the afterlife. Also, this 60-hour cycle seems to apply to plants and animals. That is, the life force energy of all living species expires after 60 hours. So, it’s plausible that this is how long it takes for a person’s biowater to destructure, so it no longer holds the crystalline pathways of connection through which the life force energy of spirit can flow.

In Maori, the word for spirit is Wairua, which means two waters. And the Huna word for water is also the same word for aetheric energy. Many languages point to this same symmetry - water as the vessel of life itself, an incarnation of the holy spirit.

But just as water holds the power of life, it holds the power of death. 80% of disease worldwide is cause by unclean drinking water. And all states of disease are traceable to forms of dehydration - either mineral deficiencies in the body’s saltwater, or destructuring of the biowater, or deuteration of the biowater. And worldwide, we can see that the driest most drought-stricken regions also have the highest rates of violence and conflict.

In Veda Austin’s insightful work with hydroglyphs, an emerging language of divining water crystallography, she has asked water to expound on its perception of death. And the glyph that it showed her was the exact same symbol as life. Life and death are intrinsic to one another. And they are both under the dominion of water.

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