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  • Jen Isabel Friend

Minerals & Electrolytes For Your Water

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The minerology of water is really important. It gives water it’s potential to have an electrical, ionic charge. Because otherwise, water is not a conductor. Water is an insulator, if it doesn’t have structure or electrolytes.

We need our water to be electrically charged and have this ionic function because within our bodies we need to maintain an excess of electrons at all times. When we have an excess of protons we call those free radicals and they cause inflammation, oxidative stress and damage in the body.

Two time Nobel laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling once said: “You could trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” 90% of Americans are deficient in trace minerals - and that can set our bodies up for failing health. In fact, trace minerals are often the missing link in healing. Nature has designed ecosystems such that natural water provides doses of minerals and electrolytes necessary for our survival. Wild spring water has beautifully balanced and buffered mineral profiles. But the filtered, treated, denatured, processed water that most folks drink is totally devoid of them.

So, when restoring balance and vivacity to our drinking water, we help bring it back to it's natural state by enriching its mineral profile.

You can find my top mineral and electrolyte recommendations in the "Electrolytes" collection on

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