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Structured Water - What Is Structured Water - How To Structure Your Drinking Water - Hexagonal Water

Structured water has a symmetrical arrangement of water molecules, a sacred geometry whose coherence channels life-force energy.

Fresh natural spring water is highly structured. And so is the water in your body. Structured water is much more bioavailable - easier for your body to absorb. It hydrates more deeply than normal, "bulk" or unstructured water.

Water LOSES it’s structure when it becomes stagnant, or is heated, polluted, treated with chemicals, put through most filters, pressurized pipes, or forced to flow in straight lines or right angles.

Water can REGAIN it's structure when it's vorteed, magnetized, or exposed to coherent frequencies. Vortexing/Flowforms are my personal favorite and most commonly used way of restoring structure into my water.

By mimicking water's movement in nature, the molecules spiral together and thus bind together in a structured matrix.

In the “structuring” collection at, you’ll find my favorite tools for bringing coherence and crystallinity to water.

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