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The Art of Water Filtration

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Either you get a filter, or your will body become the filter. When turning to healthy lifestyle choices we often think of the food we eat, but did you know that the water we make ourselves of is actually more important than the food we consume?

In this blog we'll explore what's in tap water & how it effects the body. Next, we'll dive into the world of water filtration. You'll learn how Nature does it & the various filter options we recommend ~ from whole home systems to portable options.

Tap Water

Let’s dive into the most common type of water that most people in the U.S. have access to👉🏽 tap water.

Research labs are finding that in major cities there are about 50 pharmaceuticals on average flowing through your typical tap. The most common ones in tap liquid are birth control, SSRI medications & pain killers.

In addition to these, there can be heavy metals (mercury, lead, aluminum, etc), viruses, pathogenic bacteria, parasites, pesticides, herbicides, sewage sediment, & a high deuterium content.

So, how does it get into your tap?

Many cities they have a closed loop system, what hydrologist affectionately called "toilet to tap":

1) water comes into your tap, to homes and businesses where you use it

2) it gets swept away back to the filtration plant where it gets cleaned up and then

1) sent right back into homes again. ⏎

Oh, & the pipes tap water flows through aren't too appetizing, are they?......


Let's take a look at the two most common additives to make tap water "safe" for consumption.

1) Chlorine: The largest & most common additive is CHLORINE. Chlorine is a biocide, meaning it acts as an antibiotic. Our bodies are ecosystems made up of diverse microbiota (tiny organisms) & microflora (tiny plants). Drinking chlorinated water causes “mini genocides” that harm the ecosystem that is your very own body.

2) Fluoride: fluoride is a neurotoxin. Which means it's a poison that acts on the nervous system. As we’ve been told, it accumulates in osteous tissue (bone tissue) such as the teeth. What we’re not told is that it’s harder than calcium, & can make teeth overly hard and brittle. Too much fluoride in the teeth is actually a disease called flourosis. The next biggest place it accumulates is in the soft tissue & glands. The number one spot being the pineal gland! Recognized as the spiritual center of awareness in the body & master of the endocrine system. Esoteric concerns aside, it can lower the production of melatonin, throw off our circadian rhythm, & mess with our reproductive function.


Are you relying on tap? We highly recommend testing your water so you know what you're working with.

Tap Score offers a range of tests & test packages with all required materials to properly collect & submit water samples for certified laboratory testing. Core Test Kits test for multiple contaminants with a single kit, customized for your specific drinking water source. Specialized Test Kits are tests developed for specific exposure risks or concerns, like agricultural runoff or PFAS.& a Contaminant Glossary provides a deep analysis of a single substance.

What's concerning you? Head here to explore the various test options.


Tap Water is the most underestimated cause of disease. Let's take a closer look the ways in which common contaminants effect the body.

Common Contaminants In Your Tap Water:⠀

1) Atrazine ~ Atrazine is the second-most widely used herbicide in the country & it doesn’t stick to just crops; atrazine winds up in our ground & surface water, where it later winds up in our water supply, & often at levels much higher than what’s considered safe.

Atrazine is known as an endocrine disruptor, or a chemical that after enough exposure, messes with our hormonal systems. Having just one hormone out of whack can cause serious developmental, neurological, reproductive & immune effects.

The chemical has been linked to birth defects during pregnancy & raised levels of estrogen in women, which can increase the risk of both breast & ovarian cancers. It’s also been found to feminize frogs, turning once-male frogs into females.

2) Lead ~ Lead is a heavy metal that leaches through lead pipes and corroded infrastructure. It is toxic to almost every major organ in the body and acts as a poison in the body. What’s scary is that it’s absorbed by the bloodstream, affecting different parts of the body as it reaches them. It’s especially dangerous for children, because their bodies are more susceptible to both absorbing & retaining the metal.

Lead can negatively affect the absorption of calcium leading to potential bone, teeth, muscle, nerve & blood vessel issues. It also harms the body’s creation of blood cells. At high levels, lead can even lead to kidney & brain damage.

3) Arsenic ~ Arsenic is another chemical that’s found in our tap water. In 2001, the EPA finally lowered the drinking water standard from 50 ppb to 10 ppb. Sadly, the agency had advocated for the limit to be 5 ppb, but water companies argued it would too expensive to implement.

Arsenic has been linked to cancers of the prostate, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin and nasal passages, among others. While arsenic levels have decreased since the EPA’s standards changed, it’s still a concern in tap water.

Showering & Bathing:⠀

Is your shower really cleansing the way you think it is? Our skin is one of our largest organs, & plays an integral role in keeping us healthy. Most of us are unaware of the poisons we absorb through out skin, even if we give a lot of attention to our drinking water.

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health showed that the skin absorbs about 64% of total contaminants in tap water

Other studies found that your face is several times more permeable than broader areas of your body. But get this... your underarms & genitals absorb 100% of contaminants in water!

Clearly, what we bathe in ends up inside our bodies.


When uplifting & ennobling water, what we’re really doing is bringing her back to her natural state. We want to mimic nature as much as possible to recreate naturally whole, healthy, balanced water. So let’s take a look at how nature filters & purifies water.


The first thing the water encounters when it falls from the sky is the atmosphere, which pulls off a lot of the pollution.


When water falls from the sky & meets Earth's surface it trickles into the ground where it is cleaned up by a community of soil dwellers - soil microbes, roots, funguses, etc. Then it makes its way through sand, which filters larger particulates, then seeps through detoxifying layers of clay & carbon deposits. Then it is stored in a cold dark aquifer, or underground lake, for thousands of years, in the womb of the earth, as the planets own internal bloodstream, nourished by the geomagnetic influences of rock formations.

So that’s the underground hydrological cycle. There’s also the hydrological cycle that takes place above ground to filter, structure and balance water...

Above Ground:

Wetlands in particular are key to the earth’s filtration processes. Depending on where you are from, you may call them bogs, marshes, swamps or fens. Let’s look at how they filter water.

When an area gets a lot of rain, wetlands soak up excess water like a sponge. Wetlands contain water-loving soils called histosols, which can absorb huge quantities of water. According to the EPA, a single acre of wetlands is capable of absorbing up to 1.5 million gallons of water (1) . It's been said that wetlands are the Earth's kidneys, absorbing harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide & nitrogen from the hydrological cycle.

Excess nutrients & chemicals flow off from land as sediment, then wetlands filter the run-off before it reaches open water. Wetland plants, bacteria & soil microorganisms will take many of the harmful substances into their roots & alchemize them into less harmful ones before they are released to the greater water body.

Every day, forests replenish the supply of water vapour in the atmosphere. They draw up water through their roots & release it from their leaves via transpiration. And in addition, of course water is also drawn into the atmosphere through evaporation, which is basically nature’s way of distilling water.

Nevertheless we can learn from nature how to create the best filtration systems based on these principles of aquifers, forests &wetlands.


My best advice is to forego the need for filtration altogether by harvesting your own raw, wild, unprocessed water directly from a spring. However, insofar as we sometimes have to drink tap water & usually need to shower in it, I strongly recommend investing in a high-quality filter. A good filter can last a lifetime & having high quality water is the most foundational aspect of health - so it’s really not something to scrimp on. If you're now spending $2.50 per day on a bottle of water, in 10 years you will have spent $9,125. By purchasing a water filter for your home, you will end up saving thousands. It’s worth the investment! You & your family deserve the very best source of liquid life.

Here I'll list recommended water filters - from Water is Life's #1 recommendation to whole home systems to the portable.

Our Favorite Water Filter:

Let me introduce you to my favorite water alchemy tool - The SpringAqua Filter - the only single thing that can:

1. Filter

2. Structure

3. Remineralize

4. Suffuse molecular hydrogen

5. Energize All at once!! Bringing tap water back to life & turning it into something that is truly hydrating & bioavailable by mimicking the brilliance of Mother Earth’s hydrology.

It uses no electricity & wastes no water, while removing all the toxic shwag, including chlorine, chloramine & fluoride. It then structures the water with a beautiful molecular crystallinity, adds a robust bioavailable ionic mineral profile, energizes the water, & - BEST OF ALL - it suffuses the water with STABILIZED molecular hydrogen WITHOUT electrolysis! It’s truly the only filter in the world, that I’m aware of, that does so. Molecular hydrogen is one of the most therapeutic things on the planet. There have been countless studies on it’s healing effects. In fact, all of the so-called “miracle springs” in the world, such as Bernadette’s Grotto in Lourdes France & a handful of others with world-reknown curative properties, they all contain high levels of atomic & molecular hydrogen. The more hydrogen in your water, the more hydrating it is!

So The SpringAqua, like an ecosystem in a box, recreates spring-quality water from your tap. It’s highly anti-oxidant and hydrates you much more effectively, right down to the cellular & bioenergetic levels. Really, it’s an ode to nature’s perfection.

Order yours here & use coupon code WATER IS LIFE to get a FREE shower filter (worth $104) with any purchase from SpringAqua

Whole-Home Systems:

The AquaFlex by Greenfield Water Solutions provides clean, healthy, structured, energized water on-demand to every faucet or tap in your home. It's able to reduce impurities such as chlorine, fluoride, micro-plastics, chemicals, particulates & pathogens. The structuring & energizing component is provided by a Copper Inline Vortexer to bring the water back to life,

Order yours here & use coupon code WATERISLIFE for 10% off of any purchase from Greenfield Water Solutions

Undersink Water Filters:

The SpringAqua is, like I mentioned-our #1 recommendation & it, itself, an under sink filter. However, the Ophora Bio Renew System is a close second when it comes to under sink filters.

OPHORA’s Bio-Renew Under the Counter System not only purifies point of use drinking water, but further enhances & enlivens drinking water by re-introducing essential minerals, elevating the pH to 8.0-8.5 & re-structuring to promote cellular hydration. In turn, transforming degraded tap water into clean, healthy vibrant water that closely resembles a pure mountain spring. Order yours here.

CountertopWater Filters:

The Sertodo Copper Water Filter System by Greenfield Water Solutions was handmade by some of the world’s best Coppersmiths, using 95%+ copper which is certified to neutralize pathogenic bacteria & viruses protecting against infections while also providing long-term healing properties including better digestion, hormone regulation & heart health. It has a 2 gallon dispenser capacity with a 2 gallon purification tank capacity that filters out bacteria, chlorines, fluorides, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, lead, & more. Included is a handmade copper harmonizer, which contains a wide array of rare earth minerals & elements which emit energy with surprising results! Head here to learn more.

Use coupon code WATERISLIFE for 10% off.

AquaTru is the first & only countertop reverse osmosis water purifier certified to NSF standards to remove 82 contaminants, including Lead, Chromium-6, Chlorine, Fluoride, PFAs, Nitrates and more. AquaTru creates purified, great-tasting water from your tap—no plumbing or installation required. Just remember - reverse osmosis ruins the water’s structure &mineral content. So after filtration, you want to Structure, Mineralize, & energize.

Order here & use coupon code


to get 10% off .

Portable Filters:

Going on a hike or traveling somewhere with contaminated water? Life Straws are independently lab-tested, durable, & BPA Free. They protect against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, dirt, sand, & cloudiness.

Their products are truly the ultimate survival tool, no shelf life, easy to clean

& store.

Orders yours here.

Minbiotics is far more than a natural water filter, it's the golden elixir that is also a mineral supplement, ionizer, & is both antiviral & antibacterial. It mimics a type of Earths water filtration systems - volcanic plumes deep on the ocean floor. The micro & macro nutrient rich volcanic minerals in minbiotics cleans your water of a vast range of different toxins & contaminants including chemicals, viruses, pharmaceuticals bacteria, & heavy metals. The resulting water is nutrient-dense, with a full spectrum of 80 liquid trace elements. It's perfect for folks who want to make sure their water is clean, ionic & balanced, wherever they go. Order here & use coupon code WATERISLIFE-10

Things to Remember :

  • Filtered water is still energetically dormant, destructured, & often mineral-depleted. So , unless the filter your using states otherwise, you will still need to structure, balance, and bless the water.

  • A Water filter is the Ultimate investment - you are worth it!

  • Your are what you drink - either get a filter or be the filter.


Evolve your health & hydration with latest cutting edge strategies for ennobling, structuring & enlivening your drinking water. Over 28 days you'll develop easy-to-implement habits, healthy routines,& empowering practices that will keep you quenched for life.

Not all water is created equal, & different kinds of water can affect our physical & mental health very differently. Dive into this 7 day guide to learn what to drink, what not to drink, & why.

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