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Vogel Crystals for Programming Water

Find your Vogel style crystals at:

One of the most effective tools for programming water is a Vogel Crystal. They were created by Dr. Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist who was responsible for creating the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screen that you’re viewing this on right now! He was an absolutely brilliant crystallographer who quit his mainstream tech career after several inestimably valuable inventions in order to pursue his true passions - liquid crystals and the interplay of liquid water and solid crystals.

Vogel worked with a number of medical doctors for many years, teaching the MDs his techniques of crystal healing, and encouraging them to conduct informal clinical trials of the use of quartz crystals in medical settings. During this time, he designed and cut quartz crystals in specific shapes designed to optimize the flow of energy.

Vogel appeared on TV, shattering spoons with the force of the energy carried on his breath alone. His work appeared in various national newspapers and magazines, and he became one of the best known crystal healers in America. Considering his incredible contributions to modern science (including the use of quartz in watches and computers, and many things we take for granted today) it’s amazing to me that Vogel is not a household name.

The specific cut of quartz that he devised, known as the Vogel Crystal, actually resonates at the same frequency as water itself. It’s harmonized with water, and is maybe the most effective known method for specifically intentionally programming the hexagonal memory cells of molecular clusters. The specific shapes amplify and transmit an increasingly coherent stream of energy to water.

With that being said, true Vogel crystals, created by Vogel’s lab, are very rare. Most of what’s available now are replicas. Get your Vogel-esque crystal for programming your water in the “energize” collection of

Find your Vogel style crystals at:

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