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  • Jen Isabel Friend

Water Altar Tools ~ For Making Holy Water, Wisht Water, and Water Potions

Find your water altar tools here:

A water altar serves to focus your intentions, affirmations, prayers, and energy. It's a place to be quiet, re-calibrate your mind, re-ground your energy, and to practice water divination (called hydromancy) or otherwise listen and commune with the element of water.

An altar is an ever-changing, constantly evolving sacred space. The main practice at a water altar is consecrating and charging Holy Water. You can craft it to carry a specific prayer or intention, or just create a general purpose healing Holy Water.

As water priests and priestesses, what we do with water is not just for us but for the world. We understand that all waters are connected, and praying with a bowl of water on the altar can affect a lake or river all the way across the world. So keeping a water altar can be a form of spiritual activism.

It also helps us increase our awareness of how we use our precious water and how we treat our relationship with it. Turn your intention, your love and your energy back to the water, the life-force of our mother Earth.

Water carries powerful magic.

Experiment and see what happens. ;-)

You can find all the tools you’ll need to create your own sacred space in the “water altar” collection at, here:

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