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Water as Nature Intended

Stop drinking clear liquid & start drinking natural water! When considering your physical, mental, & spiritual wellness the water you choose to drink should be at the top of your list. What is the best option of all? Harvesting your own raw wild living spring water directly from nature!

Here at Water is Life we offer many methods & tools to augment water in a way that mimics the Earth's hydrological cycles, but first & foremost we recommend letting Mother Earth raise your Water! Gathering Spring Water is a pilgrimage, a communion, & a therapeutic hydration that truly cannot be replaced. In this blog we'll scratch the surface of health, earth connection, & tips on how to start harvesting.


When turning to healthy lifestyle choices we often think of the food we eat.

We make sure that what we consume is of the highest quality: organic, farm to table, bio dynamic, gluten-free, etc. We are 70% water by volume & 99% water molecularly & yet, most people spend little time considering the water they drink.

Consider this: the water we make ourselves of is actually even more important than the food we eat.

It is argued by findings in modern hydrobiology that all diseases are likely to be linked, one way or another, to the water within our bodies. Even in the United States, a country in which most people feel as though the water they have access to is safe, are experiencing exponential increases in disease, physical & mental health, as well as spiritual health. This is because the water they are drinking is often, severely treated, void of minerals, polluted, & no longer connected to planets hydrological cycle. Spring Water, on the other hand, is a complex community of molecules that have learned & gathered the necessary subtle stimuli, nutrients, & minerals necessary to bestow life.

Fresh & unprocessed Spring Water is the most vibrant, vital, living, balanced, & energized water on the planet!

This isn’t a new discovery - humans have known this since the dawn of time! That’s why many corporations label their bottled water as “fresh spring water“ even when it is just well water - they know there’s an ancient instinct in the unconscious minds of their consumers, driving them to seek fresh spring water. So let mother earth herself raise your water.



Within five minutes of drinking water, it becomes your blood.

So where are we sourcing our lifeblood from? You’re probably rolling your eyes thinking, “The Earth, obviously!”…which of course, is true! BUT in the current paradigm, we have surrogate stand ins between ourselves & the source. We are one of the first generations in 300,000 years of human history to pay for the water that makes our blood. We do this through city governments & water corporations at the store, but let us not forget that..

Water comes from the Earth first!

Honoring the water that nourishes the people has been a pan-cultural practice throughout humanity’s brief tenancy on Earth. At some point in time your ancestors knew the importance of the bubbling springs & deeply revered them. It was known inherently that the health of the waters is directly related to the health of the people.

When honoring Springs & drinking wild Water, you engage in an ancestral practice that brings you closer to the Earth.

When you drink Spring Water your blood is directly tied to the Watershed from which it came. Through drinking this Water you become intimately connected with the landscape that holds you & the myriad of beings who also call that Watershed “home” - from the trees, to the bees, to great blue herons, to the wily coyotes - you all share a common life source, the blood of that very landscape.


Take a moment to imagine what it takes for a spring to bubble forth from the dark belly of the Earth & meet the gaze of the starlit skies.

First, she gestates inside the womb-like aquifers of our Mother Earth anywhere from two weeks to 10,000 years. Then, with the ideal balance of temperature & density gradients, the beckoning force of lunar electromagnetism, & the buoyant levitational properties of hydrogen, the water rises up in a vortex from deep within the Earth.

On her journey to the surface, this vibrant impressionable water is exposed to all types of information & stimuli.

She experiences the structuring forces of geomagnetic rock formations, the microbial diversity of the soils micro biome, the binding of electrolytic metals & salts, & some of these minerals begin to spin into high energy ORMUS states. This process is essential for water’s molecular bonds to form a healthy crystalline structure. This process kind be likened to school for water, teaching her the essential wisdom & skills necessary for the particular ecosystem & microclimate that she’s in, so that she can fill, fuel, & support life there.


All of your ancestors since the dawn of time (until verrrry recently) revered springs as life-sources & made regular pilgrimages to harvest their bloodstream from the sacred blood of the earth. Going to a spring can be a form of connection. To your bioregion, to the majority of your ancestral lineage who drank from wild springs, & directly to the source itself. I encourage you to find the time to take a pilgrimage of your own & meet the nearest Spring to you - the birthplace of liquid-life itself.


What is the best way to contain your wildly gathered spring water? This is an important question because..

What you choose to store your water in & how can have a massive impact on the quality as it ages!


First, we suggest glass, as they keep the water safe from the estrogenic compounds present in plastic containers. Next, we recommend something you find visually pleasing, believe it or not! Why, you ask? Well, as Dr. Emoto said, one of the most powerful ways we can ennoble water is to respect her.

What better way to show your respect for the source of life than to give her a beautiful & sacred space to inhabit?

Here are a our top choices:

These are the real deal! These beautiful bottles are made of true blue glass created especially for energizing water with the frequency of BLUE, the primordial color for water. Blue glass will only enhance the quality of the fresh spring water!

These beautiful vessels imbue water's structure with the healing sacred geometries of the flower of life. Water sees and remembers everything she's exposed to, so the flower of life actually get stored in the water's molecular arrangement.


Keep your spring water cool & sheltered from the light! This will help it to maintain its structural integrity & prevent any healthy microflora from photosynthesizing. We don’t leave wine in plastic out in the sun, right? We go to great lengths to store it well so it will age well. Let’s give our water the same care & attention! After you gather your living water, store it in a cool dark place.



Even if you just go to a nearby spring once a month, you can fill up enough for 5 gallon containers to last all month. And you may be surprised how many there are and how close they are to you.

Find your nearest Spring here.


The Water is Life Shop has got you covered! In our Spring Water Tools Collection you'll various way to hold, carry, & store your wild water as well as water quality test strips to test the health & vitality of your local source. Find out more about all the items we’ve covered & more, here.

Happy harvesting, friends!


Discover the how nature creates intelligent, wise, mature water. As Jacques Cousteau said, “the water cycle and the life cycle are one.“

Not all water is created equal, & different kinds of water can affect our physical & mental health very differently. Dive into this 7 day guide to learn what to drink, what not to drink, & why.

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