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Cerebrospinal Bathing - How You Actually get Brainwashed Every 12 Hours

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Do you ever feel apathetic? Lethargic? Emo?

Do you ever get brain fog or mood swings or have trouble concentrating?

Do you feel like you just want to BE a more balanced and enlivened BEING?

There are three things you need to know about this state of being:

  1. It results from dehydration

  2. Sufficient rehydration can mitigate it more effectively than anything else

  3. Excess hydration, or having an overabundance of the right kind of structured, electrolyte-rich water in the body, can cause the exact opposite state of being - highly energized, spiritually attuned, emotionally fulfilled and vibrationally aware.

How can hydration have such an effect on our state of being?

Well first, we need to redefine “being”. There are two forms of the word being, a noun and a verb. So what is a human being, and what is the state, or act of being? Both are effects of water.

The human being is an ocean contained in skin. Yes, you are 70% water by volume. But molecularly you are 99.92% water molecules. And your cells are like the fish that swim in this ocean. All life first began in the oceans, and the only way that our ancestors were able to leave the ocean to walk on land was by adapting to carry the oceans within our own bodies. So, we have a working definition of the noun “being”.

Now how about the verb, being? I would consider it to be the awareness that we have of our existence. So today we’ll look more closely at the mind-body connection and how physiological hydration influences psychological and physical states of being. We'll look specifically at the streams of body water within you called your Cerebrospinal Fluid.  

According to Dr. Randolph Stone 

“The soul swims in the cerebrospinal fluid.”

But what does that mean? Let’s start with the basics of neurophysiology - what’s up with your head.

Your cerebrospinal fluid is actually, basically, EXACTLY like the ocean. It’s only ONE molecule different from seawater! Every single neural stem cell (the cells that will develop into neurons that create the entire central nervous system) comes in contact with CSF as it develops. And the CSF informs it as to how to develop. This inner seawater not only patterns your whole central nervous system, it also bathes your brain in neurochemicals and, more importantly, in electricity.

Your brain is 80% water and there are approximately 100,000 miles of blood vessels in your brain. So hydration is critical to brain function. Even 1% drop in hydration can cause brain fog and “cognitive storms”, leading to moodiness and trouble concentrating. Over the long term, if hydration isn’t addressed, these low-level “cognitive storms” develop into neural pathways and behavioral patterns that we commonly call depression and anxiety.

In fact, get this: Neurochemistry is 80% electrical, 20% neurochemical.

That’s right — ONLY 20% of brain function is chemical, and yet all pharmaceutical medications for mental health only treat that 20% neurochemical factor, while ignoring the 80% electrical component. YES, serotonin balance is important. But often brain chemistry will balance itself out once hydration is addressed. There has been a clear direct correlation established between hydration and depression for years, and the more we peer into the underlying factors even in more severe mental health conditions such as bipolar and schizophrenia, we see some interesting trends. With bipolar disorder, there is a huge fluctuation in electrical threshold, there’s not as much electrical stability. And with schizophrenia, we see an enlargement of the CSF-filled ventricles in the brain. Which is also a sign of severe dehydration. Mild dehydration will lead to a decrease in ventricular volume, they shrivel up like raisins. But severe dehydration will lead to an increase in ventricular volume, as the body tries to overcompensate to make sure that brain function isn’t completely cut off.

In fact, there’s an amazing neurologist and psychologist in Colorado named Dr. Van Anrooy who addresses hydration first in all her psychiatric patients before assessing any other factors. Her results are astounding. She has found that in many cases, even in conditions as severe as bipolar disorder, hydration is at least as effective and often MORE effective than pharmaceuticals. This is the cutting edge of mental health.

Because the cerebrospinal fluid that bathes your brain is not H2O. It is highly structured H3O2 with tons of ionic minerals dissolved into it, which carry electrical information, and tons of hormones and neurotransmitters which carry chemical information. Without the oceanic balance and abundance of CSF, the brain simply can’t function the way it was designed to. It’s important to know that ttructure of CSf can change based on nutrition, exercise, physical or emotional trauma, and especially hydration.

In fact, CSF is so much like the ocean it also has waves. There are zillions (approximately ;)) of tiny little hairs on the inside of the CSF-filled ventricles in the brain called cilia  which are constantly dancing and pulsing, creating rhythms and waves in the CSF just like waves in the ocean. So if the cerebrospinal fluid is only one molecule different than seawater, what can we learn from the ocean that will help us better understand our state of Being?

To answer this, let’s look to ancient Maori wisdom. The Maori have a profound relationship with the ocean. They consider it to be a planetary scale crystal. Could our CSF also act as a crystal? If so, how does a crystal behave?

Crystals have been an invaluable tool in all kinds of technology, from quartz based computer chips, to watches, to the LCD (liquid crystal display) screen you’re reading this on right now. This is because crystals have a highly organized repeating pattern in their molecular structure which allows them to sense, store, transduce and transmit frequencies. Some crystals are piezoelectric, some are dielectric, some ferroelectric etc.

Turns out, so is your cerebrospinal fluid. It’s some of the most highly structured water in your entire body (probably second only to the water surrounding your DNA, but that’s another topic for another time). The CSF doesn’t just flow through your spinal column, it actually spirals through it. In fact, the German word for spinal column is SPIRAL column and the German word for vertebrae is vortices. And if you’ve watched any of my previous videos, you know that vortexes create structure in water. They also act as portals of energy transference, as water is the  mediator between physicality and the zero point energy of the quantum field but, again, that’s another topic for another time. The vertebral vortices along your spine structure your cerebrospinal fluid, making it a more conductive fluid.

According to Dr. Mauro Zappaterra, one of my favorite CSF experts, who received his MD and PHD from Harvard, CSF is constantly transmitting both vibration and light. And the energetic field that it creates can reach every major center of the brain and the entire central nervous system instantaneously and non-synaptically (meaning without thought process). So it’s spontaneous states of being that arise, not through mental machinations, but through the wisdom of light that is conducted by water. This is why, when we are stuck in a malaise, we can’t just “think” ourselves out of it. Affirmations and positive thinking are great but they will never cure depression. Mental health starts with hydration.

Your CSF courses up and down your spine once every 12 hours.  Along the way, it receives electricomagnetic and chemical signals. It gets patterned with the electromagnetic fields generated by your 7 main nerve plexuses (Located right where the 7 chakra centers are) and also receives hormones generated in your 7 main endocrine glands (also correlated to the 7 chakra centers).

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic. So the cerebrospinal fluid is the conductive medium that mediates between the mind and body, between the thoughts/emotions and the physical form.

Then this highly charged and intelligent substance, which has made the long journey to learn all about your state of being as it flows along the superhighway of your spinal column, or spiral column, culminates in the third ventricle at the center of the brain. Just in front of it is the pineal, in back is the pituitary. So these two glands are always bathed in Cerebrospinal fluid. These are the master glands of the endocrine system, also associated with the 6th and 7th chakras of higher wisdom. The third ventricle was referred to by the taoists as the crystal palace and by yogis as the “cave of brahman”. Notice how these glands get bathed in CSF.

The spiritual teacher Nisgardatta said, 

“The fluids come together and the sense “I am” appears”.

In fact references to this spinal stairway to heaven can be found in all traditions throughout time. In the yogic tradition, the cerebrospinal fluid is referred to as Amrita and it is said to drip from the pituitary gland and is actually possible to taste during certain breath work practices. In Torah symbolism, the dividing of the Red Sea, or of the Choroid plexus, is the separation of CSF from blood. It’s called the crystal clear sea in front of the throne of God. And in the Tibetan book of living and dying, there’s a Buddhist practice of transferring your consciousness to the Buddha consciousness. One of the signs that you’ve done the practice correctly is tingling at top of head, or clear liquid droplets forming on top of the head at the fontenelle.

Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health are not separate. The western mind loves to niche down and compartmentalize. But the hydration of our physiology directly affects our mental health which directly affects our spiritual connectivity and vice versa. We are not just chemical machines that require food calories like a car needs gas to run. We are electromagnetic BEINGS, whose life force is conducted by water through the vessel of our bodies. Most of the energy your body runs on is not caloric, it is hydroelectric. Most of the function of your brain is not chemical, it is hydroelectric. We are crystalline oceans of electrical conductivity contained in skin. U

The vibration, the light, that is conducted by your CSf is the life force energy that is not born and never dies. According to spiritual masters, it is the soul force. And the CSF acts as the antennae that receives and transduce that soul force into the verb we call “Being” and the noun we call “Human Being.” Hydrate and program that liquid crystal responsibly, fam. It’s creating your experience of reality on both literal and metaphysical levels. So my invitation to you is to inhabit your spine. Connect to the fluid nature of your being. You are not just particles. You are waves.

So let’s bring it back down to a practical level here.

HOW can we actually hydrate better for mental health?

  1. Drink structured, electrolyte-rich water. Make sure you have your full spectrum of minerals in your water as nature intended, since minerals are the precursors to tryptophan and serotonin, etc.

  2. As Dr. Van Anrooy says, marinate your brain in Omega 3s. Fats are key to your body’s ability to retain the water you drink and eat. So check out these fatty acid supplements.

  3. Avoid dehydrating foods and activities. EMFs from electronics are dehydrating. Coffee, tea and alcohol are dehydrating. Being stagnant is dehydrating because movement is what allows the fascia to irrigate all your cells and tissues.

To learn more:

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I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this, if you learned something new, please share this! And if you want to stay in the loop about water, visit my website and subscribe to the newsletter, or follow me on Instagram @jenisabelfriend, and join our water is life Facebook group to connect with other bodies of water. As always I want to keep bringing you valuable content, so let me know what you’d like to learn about water, and I’ll make a post just for you! Have a blessed day and stay hydrated!

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