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COVID Part 1 - Water's Answers to Corona Crisis Questions

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

With the worlds attention now turned to health (and the lack thereof) let’s explore the most foundational aspect of health - WATER! This article is the first of a series wherein we’ll explore what solutions water can provide in times of health crisis.

There are countless ways in which water is the ultimate healer, and most have nothing to do with just drinking more water. This goes far beyond just drinking 8 glasses a day.

Of course I’m not a doctor and this isn’t medical advice, but it comes directly from doctors, scientists and researchers and you can find links to all the studies and articles below this article, in the bibliography. Of course, this pandemic is nothing to play with, so if you’re sick please seek professional help - don't just drink water! But certain types of water are at the cutting edge of medical research, and this info is meant to empower you to inhabit your body of water in more intelligent ways that will help you thrive in the face of viral adversity.

So without further ado,

what makes SOME water SO healing?

Largely, it's hydrogen!

When working with this medicinally, it can take the forms of Molecular Hydrogen enriched water OR Hydroxy Gas that’s created from water.

I made another post on some of the general curative benefits of Hydrogen water as it’s found in certain rare springs throughout the world, so check that out to hear some stories.

But for now, let’s focus on it’s direct application for Coronavirus, as it’s already being used as an effective treatment in many major hospitals in Asia.

So, we all know that water is H2O, right?

But did you know that some water can be H3O2,  H3O +, OH −, HOD, or OD − ?

Water is super versatile, it’s like Optimus Prime, the ultimate transformer. And research has shown that the most hydrating and medicinal water has HIGH levels of atomic hydrogen and molecular hydrogen, and LOW levels of deuterium hydrogen. Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, a Nobel prize winning water researcher, said "hydrogen is the fuel of life", and it’s so true.

This is how it works, basically: negative-ion hydrogen is a non-caloric source of cellular energy, hydroelectric energy, that fuels your mitochondria to create all the energy needed for any cell to do anything. The energy necessary to breathe, for hemoglobin to oxygenate your blood, for your immune system to respond, etc. AND - Negative hydrogen establishes environments where viruses, pathogens and disease cannot survive.

That was your TL:DR - now we’re going to dive in and get heady…

So, molecular hydrogen activates the NRF2, KEAP-1 pathway which helps maintain and replenish Redox homeostasis in the body. This is the system that regulates your body’s natural antioxidant responses. It binds to the ARE or Antioxidant Response Element inside the nucleus of cells and triggers the transcription and production of your body’s antioxidant badasses like glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and over 200 cytoprotective proteins and enzymes. So basically NRF-2 and KEAP-1 are the body’s main detoxification and anti oxidation pathways. They’re the ninjas and the samurais that protect you on a microscopic level.

ALSO - Hydrogen down regulates production of superoxide, nitrous oxide synthase, and other reactive oxygen species and Hydrogen can target hydroxyl radicals.

Why is that important for the Corona virus?

Because if you’ve got the ‘Ronya, your body is making WAY more of these Reactive Oxygen Species, ROS. You need hydrogen to down regulate them. 

Don’t get me wrong, ROS can be good in the right quantities. In fact, superoxide can actually kill pathogens! But it’s all about balance and one of the manifestations of coronavirus is inhibited lung capacity, causing an extreme ROS overproduction, they’re way out of balance and they can catalyze phentyl reactions like taking regular oxygen and converting it into terminator oxygens like hydroxyl radicals, or a really bad one, perioxinitrite, which is SUPER oxidizing and damaging. 

Think of how rust can darken metal, or how an apple can darken and brown after you slice it. This is oxidation in action. And the same thing happens in the blood with Corona. It starts with the lungs and leads to cell necrosis and apoptosis, which can cause the multi system organ failure and even death. So the most effective way to regulate these damaging oxidators? Your body’s natural antioxidant system! And how can you stimulate that? With hydrogen!  

AND the inflammatory immune response caused by Covid can cause what’s called "cytokine storms". A huge up regulation of cytokines like interleukins. And the more cytokines you have, the more reactive oxygen species you have and the more ROS you have, the more cytokines you have. It’s a vicious cycle. Hydrogen interrupts it. 

It can also decrease other symptoms, like hypotension (low blood pressure).

In fact, the popular covid treatment, hydroxy-choloroquin, is partly made of hydroxy! Go figure.

Even at a quantum level hydrogen plays a vital role in immune function, giving our cells the energy they need to do their work. We all remember from Miss Frizzle that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and the batteries of the body, right? They ultimately facilitate energy production. So within each mitochondria there are these sort of like wind turbines that spin really fast, generating energy, and the rotation speed of these spinning turbines determines how efficiently you create energy. The faster the turbine rotates the more energy you make and the healthier you will be. The slower the turbine rotates the less energy you make and this leaves you more susceptible to illness. 

This spinning also creates a magnetic field. The faster it rotates, the stronger the magnetic field. And Oxygen is paramagnetic, which means its attracted to magnetic fields. A healthy magnetic field created by optimal mitochondrial function will draw oxygen into the mitochondria. And by now we all know that coronavirus depletes oxygen to your blood cells, right? It’s called Hypoxia. So we want to strengthen our mitochondrial function to allow as much available oxygen as possible to be able to actually permeate into the mitochondria.

If these spinning energy generators are like wind turbines, then hydrogen is the wind that powers them to spin. As hydrogen is fed into these spinning spirals, they rotates faster, producing energy, and creating higher magnetic fields. The less hydrogen that enters the turbine, the less it rotates and this means less energy production, higher chance of illness and a weakened magnetic field.

So hydrogen is absolutely crucial to the cellular energy your body needs to fight any infection. And again, hydrogen therapies like hydroxy gas are already being used specifically for Coronavirus patients at hospitals throughout Asia. 

So how do you get more hydrogen into your body of water, and how can we make it available to those clinics and hospitals where it’s needed most?

Here are a few ways:

Number one is Hydroxy gas, which is already being used in hospitals in China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and more to treat Coronavirus. It splits water into six parts, H, H2, O, O2, H2O as steam Water vapour, and EXW, or the Plasma form of water as negatively charged H2O, and then the patient inhales the Hydroxy gas. In fact, it may be even more effective than ventilators, which can actually cause some minor damage to the lungs if used for too long.

There are currently 4 clinical trials going on to study the efficacy and safety of hydrogen oxygen mixed gases specifically for COVID-19, and hundreds of people getting the treatment in China. Dr Nanshan Zhong who discovered the SARS Coronavirus in 2003 presented presented about hydroxy gas to the European Respiratory Society last month, and his research is fascinating. I’ll include links to studies and resources in the accompanying blog post on my website.

But here’s the important thing to know - Hydroxy gas machines are only about $2,000. Versus ventilators which are tens of thousands. So if you are in a position to donate one of these machines to a hospital, clinic, or non-profit, PLEASE do so. It’s one of the most effective ways to channel your medical philanthropy right now.

You can find them at OsmioWater, Aquacure, VitalReaction and elsewhere. I definitely recommend the OsmioWater ones, my friend runs the company and they’ve fast-tracked 2,000 new machines to be made asap for this pandemic, so if you can facilitate those machines getting to the hands of the doctors and patients who need them, please let me know. And check out this document to find out more about donating.

The second way of getting more healing hydrogen into your body, is via molecular hydrogen in water. For that, there are 3 easy methods you can use at home.

I don’t recommend going the route of one of those alkaline ionizing filters. Yes, there can be a bit more hydrogen in that water depending on the TDS of the source water it uses, but it’s not a stable hydrogen and will evaporate from the water really quickly. Hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, so it’s tricky to make it stay put. Plus you don’t want the detrimental effects of alkaline ionized water.

There are better methods...

One is to dissolve molecular hydrogen tablets in your water. A great option comes from a company called VitalReaction, and if you order from them you can get a discount with coupon code, “ WaterisLife “. Or Quicksilver Scientific also has good molecular hydrogen tablets.

Two is to put a stick of magnesium in your water. You use a pure magnesium rod with a bit of vinegar or citrus and it creates so much hydrogen that it starts to bubble! AND you can get some bioavailable magnesium supplementation this way too. Definitely a great strategy.

Third way is to order hydrogen water that’s already bottled and ready to drink. The absolute best that I’ve come across is Izumio. The amount of hydrogen is EXTREMELY high, and they package it EXTREMELY carefully to make sure the hydrogen stays put. 

And a fourth way is to use nano colloids like those developed by Dr. Flanagan. This subcolloidal negative-ionic nanominerals have a high charge on them known as “zeta potential” that draws hydrogen to themselves. They regulate fluid balances inside and around all cells, and keep the cells from sticking together, a common health problem that prevents cells from functioning well. Nanocolloids are one of my favorite ways to make high quality water, I use them almost every day. 

Thanks for taking heady dive into biohacking your health through the liquid source of life! If we want to survive and thrive, let’s remember, we can always find answers in the physical body of life itself - water. 

In the next installment of this series, we will explore a very specific type of hydrogen called Deuterium, and how deuterium depleted water is also being studied as a treatment for Coronavirus, and how you can deplete your own drinking water of deuterium.

And if you want to start taking your hydration into your own hands, check out the free quickstart quench your thirst guide on my website, which is a simple basic overview of a few key hydration hacks. And if you want to dive deeper and really experience how to make your own bio-water into vibrant, living, healing water, and learn the difference between bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis water, alkaline water, spring water, well water, etc. etc. and how each of them affects your mind and body very differently, then I have a brand new ecourse for you. For 10-20 minutes a day for 7 days, you can empower your hydration for the rest of your life! So join us in the course

If you've learned something new here, please share! And if you want to stay in the loop about water, subscribe to the newsletter, follow me on Instagram or join our Bodies of Water Facebook group

Have a blessed day, stay home and stay hydrated!  

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If you are in a position to help supply Hydroxy Gas machines to those who are most in need, please read this first and then feel free to reach out. I’d love to help facilitate this in any way I can.

Molecular Hydrogen:

Vital Reaction Tablets - Use coupon code “WaterisLife”

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