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Hydration Before Medication - You’re Not Sick - You’re Thirsty

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

You Are Dehydrated

When you're born, you're 75% water. By the time you’re an elder, you’re only 50% water. 

This isn’t because we are drinking less water, but our bodies lose the ability to absorb and retain it.

So the clearest measure of your true biological age is your intracellular hydration, or how much water is in your cells. 

Nearly 100% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.

Consider this: When someone goes to the hospital or is picked up by an ambulance, what’s the first thing they give them? An IV drip. What’s that? saline. What’s that? Just salt and water! Literally, just mineralized water. The FIRST thing they do is hydrate the person. Hydration is your most primal need.

Seems like this should be common knowledge. But, counterintuitively, when the body is dehydrated it actually loses the sensation of being thirsty.  Because the same brain pathways are used in the bodies hunger signals, so we often mistake thirst for hunger. And because the proteins necessary for recognizing thirst also require water in order to function. So people don’t even realize they’re dehydrated!

Water provides most of the energy that your body needs.

You don’t just function on calories alone. 

The flow of water through cell membranes generates “hydroelectric“ energy, voltage that is converted and stored in the mitochondria as ATP and GTP, basically the cell's batteries. 

In fact, the energy generated by the osmotic flow of water in one single epithelial cell is over 10,000 volts! That’s the amount of energy in a lightning bolt! It comes down to the quantum level - if you want to have a high electromagnetic frequency, you’ve got to improve your hydration.   

So the key to vibrant health inside and out lies in cultivating strong cells that retain water the way that younger cells do. If you can repair your cell membranes - from brain cells to heart cells to connective tissue, to skin cells - you can absorb hydration, slow aging and prevent disease.

Bump up your Phase Angle

Your cellular hydration level can be assessed by measuring what’s called your "phase angle" a measure of your capacity to intracellularly hydrate, or get water inside of your cells. It’s the electrical capacity of your cell membranes that determines osmotic flow.

  • A phase angle of 10 is ideal health, it’s a cell membrane that is strong and sentient and flexible and responsive.

  • Around 3.5, you’re basically dead.

  • In the general public, the angle phase bell curve is between 3.5 and 10.

  • Anyone with any kind of health complaint is likely to have less than 7.

  • Most generally healthy people are 6-8. 

Cancer patients tend to come in around 4.5 or below. Which suggests, from a hydration standpoint, cancer doesn't happen until you're so dry that you're nearly dead. It's stems from drought within the body’s cells. Without the antioxidant hydration of intracellular hydrogen ions, you get an accumulation of oxidative damage, which will then injure the DNA, and next thing you know, you’ve got all these mutations in genes causing accelerated cell division, or inhibiting apoptosis. The whole cancer process can be traced back to the integrity of your intracellular & extracellular waters.

If you want to learn more about phase angle, Dr Zach Bush and Dr. Howard Murad and researcher Gilbert Ling have done a lot of pioneering work into this field.

If you start drinking tons of water or swallowing tons of supplements but you don't have that electrical charge across the membrane, you can't get the water or nutrient to travel where it needs to go, because all that intracellular water exchange is driven primarily by the electrical charge. So if you’re not getting good intracellular hydration, you’re not getting your nutrition either.

Again, it's not a matter of just drinking more water, because you're likely to just pee the extra water out if you don't have a sufficiently high electrical charge.

Billions of years ago, life began in the primordial oceans as a result of water, salt, and light. Well not only was that how life was created once upon a time, but it’s how you continue to live thrive every single day - water, minerals, and electricity, baby. They’re what bring you alive.

Even Mental Health is a Matter of Hydration

So now that you understand the connection between hydration and electrical conductivity in the body, consider this: 80% of brain activity is run on electrical impulses conducted by water. Only 20% of brain function uses chemistry. And yet, the psychiatric prescription medications available today focus only on that 20% neurochemical factor. Hydration is absolutely key in conditions of mental health. Even being 1% dehydrated can cause what’s called “cognitive storms” in the brain, leading to foggy thinking, moodiness, or trouble concentrating. 

Dr. Van Anrooy, a neurologist and psychologist in Colorado addresses hydration first in all her psychiatric patients before assessing any other factors. After all, the brain is made of water and fat. If you boost long chain omega intake and get super hydrated, the results are astounding. She has found that in many cases, even in conditions such as bipolar disorder, hydration is at least as effective and sometimes MORE effective than pharmaceuticals. This is the cutting edge of medicine.

The answer is simple:

👉🏾👉🏾if you want to absorb more water - improve the electrical charge across your cell membranes.

Here’s how:

1. Drink quality water. Dr. Gerald Pollack has shown that structured water carries a negative electrical charge, whereas unstructured water has a positive charge, so it will be more easily absorbed into the cells if it’s ionically negative and structured. This is what’s called “fourth phase” water. It is the water in streams and springs, in fruits and vegetables, and in your own body! It has a molecular structure of H3O2.

When water is stagnant (which includes all tap, bottled and purified water) it’s called “bulk water” and there’s no cohesion to the molecules, they’re all random and chaotic. But in nature water is structured by movement: currents, waves, streams & rivers, etc. You can mimic the way water moves in nature by vortexing your water. This increases the surface tension and helps those hydrogen bonds hug each other nice and tight. The more structured the water, the more you absorb. Here's a great water structuring device.

If you’re drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water, it’s not structured and it’s completely devoid of minerals. In fact, distilled and RO water are aggressive solvents that actively leach minerals from you.

So they’re actually dehydrating over the long term. This is why the WHO has recommended against drinking those, expressing concern of things like diuresis and heart disease. They can leach minerals from the body, and never fully hydrate you.

The BEST water is found at fresh springs. It’s been structured and ionized by nature herself. You can harvest it yourself straight from the Earth. Go to to find your nearest spring and take on this healing practice.

2. Reduce your EMF (electromagnetic field) toxicity.

So, what is the relationship between hydration and EMF? Well, this is really cool actually. You have tens of thousands of gap junctions between each cell and the next. They’re long tubules that look like fiber optic cables under a microscope. Gap junctions pass electrical light energy from one cell cytoplasm to the next. In other words, when you have a high phase angle, a healthy cell population is one concurrent "mass of electrical energy" that can pass through this virtual "electrical circuit board" of the cells.

But water can’t be absorbed by the body when you’re in the presence of strong man-made electromagnetic fields because they literally short out the piezoelectric charge at the cell membrane, so it can’t absorb hydration. Then, if you’re around EMFs all the time like most us modern westerners are, your gap junctions can actually begin to resonate to a different frequency than they're designed to.

So that’s really key. EMFs cause and exacerbate dehydration, aging, cellular degeneration, oxidative damage, etc.

So invest in some great Orgone, or some EMF protectors. You can find a few good ones, here, here, here, and here. And a way to measure the ambient EMFs in your environment, here.

3. Take tetrahydrite humic compounds, which help support your macromembranes. It also works on mitochondria to ramp up the reactive oxygen species production in damaged cells, which takes the stress off healthy cells. Find some great Mitochondrial support supplements here and here

4. Remineralize your water. Add some natural salt or Quinton Marine Plasma or Trace Mineral Drops, because minerals turn water from an insulator into a conductor. And we want more electrical conductivity in the cells to improve that phase angle so you can absorb all the water you drink. Mineralogy of water is important. Dissolved minerals also have another name, we call them electrolytes. Those are what allow electrical charge to move through water, which is otherwise an insulator,  or non-conductive. Like RO & Distilled water, which have been robbed of their minerals, become insulators instead of conductors of electrical charge. Water doesn't conduct electricity unless it has electrolytes in it, and electrolytes are dissolved minerals. We are bioelectrical beings, and we need to maintain an ionic charge in our bodies and to have excess electrons at all times. That is the number one secret to longevity. When we have an excess of positively charged particles and our bodies, those are known as free radicals and they contribute to inflammation and are the number one cause of all disease. We need to make sure that the water we are putting into our bodies has that antioxidant potential of being negatively charged. 

5. Add hydrogen tablets to your water. Because hydrogen has excess electrons, it’s ionic and improves electrical charge. The more hydrogen in your water, the more hydrating it is. After all, hydrogen literally means “water creator”, hydro-water and gen-creating. Hydrogen Tablets

6. Eat lots of amino acids, lipids (healthy fats) & antioxidants for healthy cell membranes. Eat grass fed pasture raised meat and dairy, wild not farmed fish, flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts, as all are high in long chain amino acids, high in omega 3s & 6s. Stay away from fat free foods. Because, picture this: healthy cell membranes look kinda like a sandwich, where the ‘bread’ is tons of unrefined omega 3 and 6 fats, and the filling made of phospholipids (mainly phosphatidyl choline). It’s super fatty and oily goodness, so get good fats in your diets.

7. Don’t just drink your water, eat your water. Raw fruits & veggies are naturally full of structured water, and higher levels of antioxidants. In fact, in many desert regions, indigenous people don’t drink much liquid water at all, but they eat really water dense foods. Your body absorbs this hydration particularly well. Plus, fiber has an important role in helping your body to manage water. And fruits and veggies also contain silica, which helps improve hydration inside your cells. One herbal supplement that has high amounts of organified silica is horsetail. Just avoid mineral silica, as it actually promotes oxidation and dehydration. 

8. Take NT Factor. One of the most promising supplements for repairing cellular damage is NT Factor. It’s a lipid replacement therapy, in other words the fats can be absorbed directly into cell membranes, literally replacing damaged molecules with healthy ones. There have been over 20 published studies on it.

Revive your Cellular Health

Once every 10 weeks you have almost all new cells, so get into good habits with these practices and you could be deeply cellularly rehydrated in just 10 weeks. 

How Much Water Should I Drink?

People ask me all the time, how much water should I be drinking? Well, it depends on the quality of water you are drinking. If you are drinking distilled or reverse osmosis water, it will dehydrate you over time, so it doesn’t matter how many glasses you drink. But a general rule of thumb if you are drinking decent water is to take your weight in pounds and divide it in half. Drink that many ounces. If you’re drinking super high-quality water, you can get away with a little less, unless you’re sick and you’re drinking water therapeutically then definitely drink more. 

But here’s a really important point, please remember this!! Coffee, tea and alcohol are all extremely dehydrating, they drive water out of the cells. So if you drink tea or coffee, you need way more water to compensate. So please caffeinate responsibly.

When Should I Drink Water?

The best time to drink water is now. The second best time is definitely at least one whole liter as soon as you wake up in the morning. You lose a lot of body water in your breath overnight, so take a nice hydrating internal bath right when you wake up. Add it to your morning prayer and meditation practice if you like, thanking the water.  Then, according to some studies on healing disease with water, an ideal schedule would be, a half hour before each meal, and 2 1/2 Hours after each meal. And a glass before you go to sleep. But it’s not necessary to get all particular about it.

Where Can I Learn More?

Explore the LIFE CHANGING magic, mystery & science of water.

Transform your relationship to and understanding of 


Curated list of recommended water filters, vortexers, structurers, minerals, supplements, bottled waters, and more!

Top water tools & tech.


What to drink, what not to drink, and WHY. 

Find out how different kinds of water affect your mind

and your body very differently. Because what you drink, you become.

So if you’re curious to learn more, and you’re a geeky little science freak like me, you can check out Dr. Gerald Pollack’s book, "Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life it’s fascinating, as well as Dr. Murad’s book “The Water Secret” and Dr. Batmaghalidj’s books, “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water

And subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on Instagram to learn more about water!

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