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Join the Dimensions of Qi Summit on Energetic Nutrition - use code ISABEL for discounted tickets

I’m excited to share with you the second Dimensions of Qi Summit is being held next month from November 18-27th November, and will be focused on the exciting realm of Energetic Nutrition. I’ll be speaking about the role of water as the primary conduit of qi in the body.

And they have curated the most incredible line up of nutrition experts, acupuncturists, TCM doctors, naturopathic doctors, chefs, 5 element practitioners, Ayurvedic practitioners, authors and experts on quantum biology & more, uniting to share on energetic nutrition.

Qi, Chi, Prana or Ki has been well-known and understood in different cultures for healing, breath, movement, food, herbs, and health & wellness practices for centuries. We will be tapping into how it is the basis for Energetic Nutrition and for our physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual & light bodies.

There are three tiers of tickets available to suit your budget, and you can use the code ISABEL for a discount! There will be over 10 days of online classes & interviews. I can't wait for it and I know you’ll love it too! So if you share a passion for Qi & Energy in food, beverages, tea, tonics and herbs. If you want to learn more about the applications of the elements to daily life, and live with more expanded awareness, join us!

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