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New Resources & Guides! Dive in to Learn More, then Drink Up 🙃💦

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Bringing you even more goodies devoted to the information, inspiration and integration of recent research and ancient wisdom into the true nature of WATER, the source of life. So you can become more empowered as a body of water, living on a body of water ~ ENJOY these brand new gifts and invitations!



I made a free hydration hackers guide to quenching your thirst. Because hydration is NOT about drinking 8 glasses a day. In fact, if you’re drinking the wrong kind of water, it may actually be actively dehydrating you by leaching minerals from our body and disrupting osmosis. SO if ya wanna quickstart that QUENCH, grab your free pdf.


My Curated Recommendations, Your Go-To Guide

The créme de la créme of water tools & technoogies - water filters, vortexers, structurers, minerals, supplements, bottled waters, and more!


I recorded a free 70 minute MASTERCLASS, and I promise you'll never take a shower or sip a glass of water in the same way again.

From times immemorial, scientists, philosophers and mystics have attempted to explain its phenomenal properties which lie beyond the common physical laws of nature. This webinar will instill a deeper understanding of the role of water as an intermediary between the physical and non-physical, it's role on Earth and in our bodies, as well as what it is capable of doing when collected, prepared, stored, and imbibed conscientiously.

These implications stretch far beyond the typical distinction of “clean vs. unclean” water, suggesting that water carries the answers to humanity's toughest questions in the fields of medicine, physics, energy, agriculture, wellness, spirituality, cosmology, and beyond.

When fully understood and applied, water can be a tool for our personal and collective evolution.


NEW 7 day mini course, "Navigating the Waters" - a 7 Day Guide to What to Drink, What Not to Drink, and Why... Because not all water is created equal, and different kinds of water can affect our physical and mental health very differently!

I'm constantly asked, "What kind of water is best to drink?"

And the answer is.... it depends! So here we really explore what's right for YOU. Because what's right for you may be different than for someone else.

So if you're stuck in quarantine and you wanna nourish your body and mind, I invite you along a little journey with us… Let’s do it together 🤗🌀

❄️Dive in for just 10-20 minutes per day❄️

❄️for 7 days of empowering guidance that will help you stay hydrated❄️

❄️for the rest of your life!❄️

👉🏾Explore how tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, distilled, alkaline, and spring water affect your psychology and physiology. 💙

👉🏾Find out where to access the highest quality water.💙

👉🏾Learn tips, techniques, tools and strategies to uplift any water into a more vibrant hydrating elixir.

👉🏾Bio-hack your lifestyle to optimize your hydration.💙

👉🏾Find out simple actions you can take to make sure you're actually absorbing every drop you drink.💙 🌀We are bodies of water, living on a body of water, and water is life. 🌀

🌀Embracing these simple facts with conscientious practices is life-changing!🌀


I had so much fun pouring time and love into these new resources for you, so I hope you put them into practice and enjoy them! Can't wait to hear your feedback ♡ Hearing peoples' stories of how much profound difference they feel in body, mind & spirit when they start hydrating and relating with water differently ALWAYS warms my heart. So please reach out with your feedback! Thanks everyone 🙏🏽

Bless up, drink up!

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