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Shower Filters & Structurers - Invigorating Water, Like Bathing in a Fresh Clean Wild Waterfall 💦

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In addition to just drinking water in through the digestive tract, whenever we shower or bathe, we are absorbing through our skin. We absorb 1 to 1.5 Liters of water when we soak in the tub. And when we shower and volatilize that water into steam, we are breathing it in through our lungs.

This is particularly concerning with tap water, because chlorine is a trihalomethane which means that when it volatilizes it becomes chloroform gas. So to shower in unfiltered tap water is to breathe in trace amounts of chloroform. It’s just no bueno. So if your tub is fed through the municipal water supply, I definitely recommend getting a very good high-quality shower filter.

My favorite is the KDF shower filter by Live Pristine. It reduces chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, VOCs, chemicals, lime, calcium, DBPs, trihalomethanes and more! Many companies use carbon and just 2 ounces of KDF in their shower filters, but this one is filled with more than 30 ounces of KDF 55 and KDF 85 combined, plus SIR 900 for fluoride reduction, which probably makes this the most powerful shower filter ever made.

You can find it in the “filtration” collection at

Of course, filtration is just the first step. We not only want our water to be clean, we want it to be alive! And to really enliven water, you’ll also want a structurer. I like the revitalizer from Natural Action Technologies, and the UMH from Be Life Water. Some folks choose to just get a structurer and forego the filter, because just by vortexing your water, it changes the structure of any molecular toxins that may be present, helping to neutralize and render them benign. It also naturally softens any mineral-hard water. Personally, here's my favorite aspect of showering in living water, besides the softer hair and skin of course… it's the feeling you get when inspiration strikes! Have you ever wondered why your best ideas come to you in the shower? It's no coincidence, it's science. It’s ions! And the energy generated by the vortex inside a shower revitalizer charges the electromagnetism of water, so your shower will emit far more charged ions. It's the same reason you may feel a sense of renewed vigor or well-being when visiting a seashore or forest, or bathing in a waterfall or mountain spring, all of which have high levels of charged ions in the air. Breathing in ions is known to increase oxygen flow to the brain, facilitating alpha brainwave states and improving serotonin levels.

You can find my top shower recommendations, including discount codes, under the “filtration” and “structurers” collections on

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