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Shungite Water - Why Use Elite Noble Shungite for your Drinking Water

Find shungite here:

Shungite is my favorite crystal to use in my water. It has fullerenes (aka buckyballs, a geometric allotrope of carbon-60) that attract and neutralize any waterborne contaminants, so in addition to structuring the water, shungite also filters it. These C60 fullerenes are like clathrate sacred geometries that can hold a tremendous amount of hydrogen. Some of the most effective studies ever done on prolonging lifespan and increasing longevity involve C60 supplementation. It’s super vitalising and life enhancing because it has a high oxidative/reductive capacity, or ORP, so it’s a natural antioxidant.

Fullerenes also allow shungite to help neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies and fields (EMFs) like those emanating from wifi routers, digital devices, cell phone towers, power lines, microwave ovens, etc... This is SO important, I really can’t overstate the critical issue of protecting your water from harmful EMF influences. In fact, EMF-fighting fullerenes are deemed so important that the scientists who discovered them won a Noble Prize in Chemistry in 1996, and the discovery was named a National Historic Chemical Landmark.

Research has indicated there’s a decrease in the histamine in the bloodstream of folks who drink shungite water—so naturally a corresponding decrease in allergies. So, super anti-inflammatory AND hydrating (as heightened histamines are one of the main biomarkers of dehydration) Shungite water also improves the elasticity of the skin strength of collagen. The water has been used externally for burns, rashes, insect bites, and small wounds. It has also been used internally for various ailments.

The key is, you want to allow water to mature for at least 3 hours with the shungite inside for maximum benefits. Personally, I keep an elixir of shungite steeping on my water alchemy altar all the time, so it’s super saturated.

Just remember the differences between elite noble and regular shungite. You always and only want to use Elite noble shungite in your drinking water.

One difference is their appearance: Elite shungite is silvery and shiny while regular shungite stones are matte.

A more important difference is in their carbon content. Again, while regular shungite contains 35–60% percent organic carbon, elite shungite is 92–98% organic carbon.

The higher carbon content of elite shungite is one reason why it’s more expensive; but the quality makes all the difference.

To get your hands on elite noble shungite, open the “filtration” or “emf protection” collections on

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