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Viktor Schauberger ~ The Water Wizard

Today I want to introduce you to my favorite person in all of history, and tell you his story. I kind of have a giant post mortem crush on him, to be honest. He is easily among most brilliant people ever to have lived, and CERTAINLY, in my opinion, the most brilliant of the 19th and 20th centuries. If even one of his insights were implemented, it would revolutionize the planet on every level - economically, technologically, even spiritually. So, of course, not surprisingly, he became a target for political manipulation and attack. Much like Nikola Tesla, his life ended in tragedy after his work was co-opted, laying to rest what could have been the saving grace for all life on this planet. He’s known around the world as the Water Wizard, and despite his brilliance, I bet you’ve probably never heard of him! Keep watching to have your mind blown by a 130 year old man.

SO who was this guy? 

Viktor Schauberger. If you’ve been following my work, you’ve heard me mention him before. He was a scientist and inventor, with a shamanistic relationship to water that allowed him to have a better understanding of waters properties than any modern hydrologist. Exponentially. No comparison, really. He saw the direction humanity was headed even 100 years ago and wrote explicit warnings detailing exactly where we would end up if we didn’t change our relationship to water, and this is where we find ourselves - with massive worldwide drought, climate change and general global madness, ignorance and mayhem. He knew water as the Blood of the Earth and knew that not only is it the progenitor of life, it is also the physical body of consciousness itself - an insight which indigenous wisdom echoes, and which modern research into quantum phases of water is just now beginning to glimpse. 

Viktor grew up in Austria in the late 1800s in an old growth forest where he studied the movement patterns of water and by the early 1900s he had learned to work with the powers of nature to create inventions  like powerful free energy machines, transportation technologies, even levitational devices.

So consider this - Nature never slows down or suffers from entropy, she is always prolifically creating life and sustaining life and recycling life. And nature does this through the movements of water through plants and bodies and ecosystems, right? Water is an integral part in creating and sustaining all life. So by understanding the movements of water, Shauberger was able to uncover the energy-generating principle that sustains everything. And by harnessing that force, he was able to create technologies that work in harmony with the earth instead of against it. 

Basically he showed that there are two forms of motion in nature — explosive and implosive, or outward and inward. The outward motion is expansive and destructive. It generates heat, pressure, and even death. It’s what nature uses when she wants to break down, decompose, decay. It’s an important part of nature, but it expends more energy than it creates and can be harmful. Go figure, all of human technology is explosive - it’s fire based. Combustion engines and nuclear power and coal. Anything that radiates outward, right. 

On the other hand, the inward, implosive quality of water produces coolness, suction, powerful vortices, and vitality; it is used to build up and energize, and is life-enhancing and life-promoting. Think of the way sap spirals up a tree, the way blood spirals through your veins, the way plants grow in spiral patterns, the way a river courses through its banks in a horizontal spiral. All these vortexes are implosive, energy-generating flows that sustain life. If we were to switch our paradigm to implosive, rather than explosive, we could put an end to the drought and destruction on this planet.

He showed how deserts can be turned into lush food forests, and revealed the process by which water can actually reproduce herself. Schauberger’s discoveries hold the promise of a planet of blooming deserts, abundant crops, and thriving people.

But of course, no one profits from free energy and abundance for all. Blue gold is more valuable than black gold in a world where the source of life is in finite supply and the demand is infinite. He who controls the source of life controls the lives of all those who need it to survive, right? So, with capitalism being the explosive force that it is in this world, Schauberger's wisdom was quelled. And, in a way, he predicted that too. Because that has been the case for all water wisdom keepers throughout history - they’ve been censored and even attacked. 

Schauberger actually said, "Protecting the secret of water is a means to protect the interest-power of money. Only in an economy of scarcity can interest thrive. The price of food and the cost of mechanical power would sink to such low levels that speculators would be able to gain nothing from them. Free access to nutrition and mechanical energy are such radical ideas that our concept of the world and all ideologies would be turned upside-down…The secret of water is the capital of Capital—which is why any attempt to reveal it is ruthlessly terminated.”

So eventually his genius caught the attention of all the wrong people. Hitler met with him in 1934 to discuss the potential of weaponizing water, but he refused to collaborate with Nazis. And his resistance landed him an internment in one of the most horrific of all death camps in the Third Reich — Mauthausen, in Austria.

Against his will, he was forced to work on a prototype of a gravity-defying flying machine, the Vril-7. That’s where he harnessed waters levitational properties to create an anti-gravity device, called a Repulsine.  Afterward, the British, Americans, and Russians were all fighting over the spoils of war, especially human resources. And along with scores of other scientists, Schauberger became a natural target. What remained of his work fell into the hands of American and Russian agents. But it was the Americans who took possession of Schauberger himself and held him prisoner and made him disclose his work. God knows what the did to him, but he was never the same. Then afterward, having no more use for him, they set him free. When he got back to Austria, he was a shell of a man, according to those who knew him. He told them that they had stolen his soul. Soon after, Schauberger died a broken and penniless man. 

Well it’s time for a resurgence in his wisdom. It’s time for a revival of his discoveries. It’s time for every single person to know his name.  We cannot hope to cure illnesses that cause death if we continue to ignore the source of life and treat it as inanimate. We cannot hope to put an end to deadly wars if the most precious resource is still so unevenly distributed (the correlation between conflict and drought is so directly parallel it’s staggering, by the way.) We cannot hope to put an end to global warming without the cooling effects or restoring imbalanced hydrological cycles. When we ally with water, we thrive. But we treat her as our worst enemy - using her as a carrier for chemical weapons and pesticides and toxic sludge and sewage and imprisoning her in stagnant reservoirs and more, things that would be inhumane and unthinkable to do to any living being, yet we do to the source of life itself. To dishonor water is to act in opposition to life itself. Let me tell you something - what we do to our water, we do to ourselves. What we do to our water, we do to ourselves. Because we ARE water, and the waters that surround us on this earth become the waters within us as our blood. It’s only in forgetting this simple truth that humanity has gotten ourselves mired into the seemingly unsolvable mess that we’re in. It’s time to remember: We are not defending water, we are water defending herself. Water is life. That means, if we want a future filled with life, vivacity, and thriving ecosystems, we must honor water. There is no other way. There are bandaids and shortcuts and temporary solutions, but if we want life to thrive on this planet we must first and foremost ensure that water thrives. And Viktor Schauberger laid it all out in his brilliant work. 

You can read a bit more about him and find more resources on his work at the latest blog post over on WaterisLife.Love. 

And if you want to learn more about some of the mysterious magic of water, check out my free webinar, also on the website.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, f you learned something new, please share! And if you want to stay in the loop about water, subscribe to the newsletter, follow me on Instagram @jenisabelfriend, or join our Bodies of Water Facebook group. Have a blessed day and stay hydrated!  

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Aug 26, 2021

Many have known throughout history the amazing qualities of water, like none other...... and how it holds memory......... Samuel Hahnemann knew this in the 1700/1800’s when he formulated the system of homeopathy. How after many dilutions, when there is no trace of original molecules left in the water solution , the remedy not only still works but actually becomes stronger! After almost 30 yrs of using this safe, gentle, effective, inexpensive, green, mind blowing medicine, that has no side effects nor contraindications, I continue to be blown away each and every time Wo fail. and it is not placebo as there are millions of cases of cures on babies and animals both of whom would not control a placebo effec…

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