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Walk4WaterDay Fundraiser ~Give $8 To Provide Water For A Child In Need

On October 29th, I’m walking to raise awareness about the global water crisis, and will live-stream a portion of the walk on IG Live, while answering any water questions folks tune in to ask.

I’ll be walking 6 kilometers to support Gravity Water’s mission to bring safe drinking water to schools in need around the world.

Funds raised during #Walk4WaterDay will be dedicated to building Gravity Water ‘s rainwater

harvesting and filtration systems for at-risk communities in Nepal and Vietnam.

We aim to raise $2,500, enough to provide clean water for an entire school in need in these affected areas.

🤍 Every $8 donation provides one child with permanent access to a source of safe drinking water! 🤍

♡To make a donation, or register to do your own walk, go to:

And be sure to tune in on the 29th to walk and chat about water with me!

Thank you so much for supporting these thirsty children. Clean water in schools not only gives access to education, it protects these children against waterborne diseases and ensures them a safer, healthier life than they could otherwise live without your generous help. Once again, thank you. You’re a lifesaver.

👉🏽Please SHARE this post to bring more support for these kids in need! 💕

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