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What is Orgone and How Does Orgonite Affect Your Body of Water? Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Work Explained

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Orgone is a "sea of energy" out of which all material forms manifest was universally known. It may be called Aether, or Akasha, zero point energy, whatever the term, the same concept is intuitively or explicitly known to all traditional healers of shamanic traditions the world over.

And water, in essence, is the carrier of the signals of life. That’s how was is able to bring life force to every ecosystem. It's the physical body of the aetheric forces that endow life and energy, you could call it orgone energy, to everything in the natural world. And the most potent way to honor water is to increase its capacity to resonate with that primal creative aetheric energy. Aether was believed by the Greeks to be the air that the Gods breathe. This lifeforce goes by many names, but one thing is clear - water is it's vessel.

Orgone was the name given to this life force by Dr. Wilhelm Reich - who spent the latter part of his life researching this Life Force energy. Dr. Reich was determined to find a way to access, store, and make this energy available for human use and healing. And, after decades of research and experimentation, he did so! He created what he termed “orgonite” and “orgone accumulators”.

After further research and experiments, Dr. Reich was able to cultivate and inoculate what he termed “SAPA Bions” from cosmic orgone energy. When he placed living cancer cells next to the orgone bions, the cancer cells died.

In fact, after the many experiments conducted on the therapeutic effects of orgonite, one doctor exclaimed that he believed it to be medical malpractice if every hospital did not have an orgone accumulator for its patients. Many people use orgonite to structure, charge, and revitalize their drinking water, and often the change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.

Orgone also shields from EMFs. Orgonite does its work on the etheric level rather than the electromagnetic level. Rather than reducing radiation, it is proposed that orgonite works because chaotic, imbalanced orgone energy is a by-product of EMFs. Orgonite does not clean up EMFs per se, rather it cleans up the disorganised frequencies produced by them.

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