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Water's Life Cycle: From Gestation to Maturity - How Nature Creates Intelligent, Wise, Mature Water

We’ve all heard the term “water is life.” Well, just like every other living being, water also has a lifecycle.

Water goes through gestation, youth, maturation, old age, death, and rebirth, just like other living beings.

As Jacques Cousteau said, “the water cycle and the life cycle are one.“

So today we are going to get to know the unique characteristics of water at every age, and how those attributes affect our own character when we drink it. We will explore gestation, young, mature, elderly, premature, and immature water, how to create well-aged water at home, the best place to find healthy water, ecological solutions, and a quick TL;DR at the end. If you’re watching this on YouTube, you can use the timestamps to navigate. This water topic goes deep, so let’s dive in!

We tend to think of all water as the same; A simple, flat, flavorless clear liquid, about as boring as the air we take for granted breathing every day. But Victor Schauberger, a 19th century water savant, knew that “there are as many varieties of water as there are animals and plants.“

If water were the simple, inert chemical formula H2O that we think it is, it would not be able to create and sustain life in all living beings. But what really distinguishes the kind of water that only satisfies thirst from the water that imparts life? Living, mature, wise, energized water emerges from the earth of its own agency, in accordance with the laws of nature. This means fresh, raw, wild springwater.

Most of what modern Westerners drink has been robbed from the hydrological cycle before it was ripe.

Thankfully, there are ways we can mimic the hydrological cycle right at home, to bring our water to full-term, creating nearly spring quality water in our own kitchen.

Schauberger considered any water that was not born of a spring to be “unfit for human consumption“ because, “there is a certain journey in both time and distance that the water must take underground before it becomes internally mature.“

Have you ever drunk fully wild vibrant mature water? Comment below to share your experience! And to learn how nature raises well-adjusted water and how we can mimic that underground cycle using water alchemy tools right at home, stay tuned.


Think of the lifecycle of water as like that of a human. A human embryo and fetus needs to gestate inside the amniotic fluid of its mothers womb for nine months. And Water needs to gestate inside the womb-like aquifers of our Mother Earth for anywhere from two weeks to 10,000 years.

The birth process happens as water rises to the surface of a spring at its moment of perfect ripeness. The ideal balance of temperature and density gradients, with the beckoning force of lunar electromagnetism, and the buoyant levitational properties of hydrogen, conspire to vortex water from the depths of the earths womb.

Biologists now know that the process of human birth is essential to a babies ideal health. It is only as a baby moves through the birth canal that it experiences a pressure that perfects its cranial structure and the micro biome that protects its immune system. Babies born of cesarean don’t have the same advantages. Likewise, water rising through the earthy birth canal to a springhead experiences the structuring forces of geomagnetic rock formations, the microbial diversity of the soils micro biome, the binding of electrolytic metals and salts, and some of these minerals begin to spin in and high energy ORMUS state. The process of gestating to full-term in an aquifer and rising to birth at a spring is essential for water’s molecular bonds to form healthy crystalline structure, and for its ideal body temperature of 4°C.

Youthful water

Spring water can be considered childlike, or adolescent, because it is still not fully mature, but it is fresh and eager and curious and lively. Humans have known this to be the healthiest and most enlivening water to drink since the dawn of time. That’s why springs are considered sacred sites, and have often been historically protected. It’s also why many corporations label their bottled water as “fresh springwater“ even when it is just well water with false advertising. Because they know that there’s an ancient instinct in the unconscious minds of their consumers, driving them to seek fresh spring water.

Youthful water is like a lively and playful child that dances and swirls and babbles in the shady brooks and creeks, gradually aging into a full grown river. Along the way, this impressionable vibrant water is learning, by imprinting the physicality of its environment (like the minerals and gases and micro biome) as well as the subtle information (like starlight and birdsongs and the Schumann resonance of the earth, and the phases of the moon). These are like school for water, teaching it the essential wisdom and skills that it needs to know about this particular ecosystem and microclimate that it’s in, so that it can fill, fuel, and support life there.

This water is the living blood of our mother earth, gathering good memories and helpful frequencies so that it can nourish the body of mother earth downstream and in the veins of plants and animals that will drink it. Schauberger considered this the only acceptable drinking water — that which is naturally born of its own accord. He found that when you drink a liter of youthful spring water (which ostensibly should increase your weight by about a kilo), it actually only weighs 300 to 400 g in the body, suggesting that the rest is a alchemized immediately into energy, explaining the instant invigoration of drinking directly from the Source.

Have you felt this kind of invigoration from fresh spring water?

Drop your favorite springsources in the comments!


Downstream, once water has become well educated, well cultivated, and well experienced, we called that “mature“ water. It’s filled with nature’s essential wisdom, frequencies, and solutions (no pun intended).

According to Schauberger, water is mature if the air it has absorbed contains “at least 96% carbon content, of which there is a proportion of solid matter. From this inner maturity, the quality and the internal strength of the water depend.”

This wise, richly charactered water, when it is healthy, moves and unique ways — pulsing, twisting, spiraling, creating inner vortices as it dashes over rocks, opening innumerable nanobubbles of dissolved gasses within itself as it breathes, thus increasing its inner surface area.

It spirals sediment from the river bed to the banks, inwinding energy with its left spin and outwinding energy with its right spin.

It intelligently cools the top layers of sun-warmed water by whisking it to the shady bottom of the stream, and it ushers nutrients from the river bed up with the cooler lower currents of water as they spiral up to the top to nourish the plant and animal life at the surface.

It carves meandering switchbacks into the riverbed that allow for maximum surface area for the irrigation of vegetation and maximized watering holes for local wildlife, and a broader diversity of ecological habitats, etc.

This grown water is the wise leader and nourisher of the entire ecosystem, and fulfills these roles maturely, moving in highly intelligent patterns, as purposefully constructed as the routes of your own veins.

This mature water auto regulates it’s own temperature and cleanliness. It conscientiously channels energy, delivers nutrients, cleanses waste, and fulfills all it’s essential life-giving roles in the watershed through its uniquely cultivated profile, it’s learned skills of self-regulation, the nourishing minerals, microbes and frequencies it’s picked up in its journeys, and its finely tuned flowform movement patterns. It’s strong, wise, agile and discerning.

However throughout the world, waterways have been rerouted and artificially straightened, aquifers have been drained before they can give birth to springs, and bodies of water have been diverted, depleted, and expropriated for reasons ranging from profit to persecution. 60% of all major rivers have been fragmented by dams and diversions, disallowing this process of maturation that water requires in order to rule and fuel ecosystems wisely. The water left in these rivers is more like elderly water, which is why it’s drying up so quickly around the world.

Elderly water

At the end of its natural life cycle, for example when water reaches a lake, it warms in the sun and becomes more stagnant and slow. It gradually loses its structure slowly evaporates in the heat of the sun, returning to the heavens so that it can start the lifecycle all over again when it eventually rains down and seeps through the layers of earth, inseminating the womb like aquifers once again.

And that, in a nutshell, is the full lifecycle of freshwater in nature!

Premature and immature

Unfortunately, most people have never had the blessing of making their blood from this living ripening blood of the Earth. Instead, what most of us drink is immature and premature water.

Premature water has been artificially pumped up from an aquifer before its time. It doesn’t experience the structuring and energizing forces of natural birth at a spring. Instead, this well water is like taking a fetus by C-section before full-term, or like picking a fruit before it’s ripe.

Artesian well water can still be hydrating! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still one of my favorite choices when wild spring water is inaccessble, and is far better than bottled or tap water. It will satisfy thirst! But it won’t impart life the way that fresh spring water can.

And immature water, for example distilled or reverse osmosis water, has been prevented or diverted from the full natural cycle that patterns that programs water with natures life-giving wisdom, and often it has been artificially processed, which removes or degrades any physical or subtle character it may have developed. As Olaf Anderson described, “as a young, immature, growing entity, it grasp like a baby at everything within reach. It absorbs the characteristics and properties of whatever it comes into contact with or has attracted to itself in order to grow to maturity. Like a growing child, it takes and does not give. Only when mature, i.e. when suitably enriched with raw materials, is it in a position to give, to dispense itself freely and willingly, thus enabling the rest of life to develop.”

So, whereas mature water is filled with beneficial gifts and shares them freely and abundantly, immature water is empty, hungry, needy, it’s been robbed, and tries to fill itself up.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water have been robbed of their ionic charge, their minerals and electrolytes, their living microbiome, their energetic imprints... And rather than imparting energy to your body when you drink it, immature water draws energy from the body. Rather than remineralize you, it can absorb minerals from you, which dehydrates you over time.

According to Schauberger, immature water that hasn’t passed through its whole natural cycle is, in the long term, injurious to humans, animals, and even plants. And in the early 1900s, he predicted that if we continued to drink such a disconnected, uninformed water, that humans would become more emotionally immature, unintelligent, and mentally stunted. He foresaw this over 100 years ago, solely based on the water that people drink.

Now just look at what has come to pass in these intervening generations – intelligence, common sense, empathy, compassion, and inner peace seem to be an all time lows. While anxiety, stress, depression, reactiveness, divisiveness, and intellectual laziness are soaring.

Is this a direct result of drinking immature, disconnected, uninformed water? That’s conjecture. No one knows for sure. But what I do know for sure is that what we do to water, we do to ourselves. Our treatment of water becomes our own fate.

Most of the water we drink is not only premature, i.e. robbed from gestation prematurely — and not only immature, i.e. without being raised with formative guidance from nature, but sadly most drinking water is actually ill and traumatized.

It has been pumped up and extracted prematurely, then raised in an abusive domestic environment. It’s been isolated and quarantined in sedentary bottles. It’s been pumped and pressurized into forced labor in pipes and jolted at unnatural right angles that are antithetical to its living movement patterns. It’s been injected with toxic chemicals, chlorine, flouride, THMs, DBPs, PFOs, and more.

The water itself has stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It is chaotic and has lost its sense of self and purpose. It cannot generously give life, which is water’s purpose, because it is barely even alive anymore. Most water is not only premature and immature, it is sick and unconscious. This water needs YOUR care. Your compassion, and healing. It needs your tenderness and respect, to wake it up. Again, what we do to water, we do to ourselves. What we drink, we become.


So, here’s a quick overview, and then we’ll explore how to revive and mature water at home…

Springwater… Fresh, healthy, living ripening water .

Well water… Premature, not fully formed, but can still satisfy thirst.

Distilled and reverse osmosis… Immature, voracious, grasping, dehydrates over time.

Tap water… subtly and physically traumatized, chaotic, and denatured.

Bottled water... premature, immature, and comatose.

Raising Mature Healthy Living Water

So, how do we raise well-aged, lively and mature water right at home? By mimicking water’s life cycle and movement patterns in nature, of course!

For many, it might seem like a foreign idea to try to cultivate our drinking water the way we might oversee a child’s growth and education, or raise and train a pet. But consider the lengths that some people go to in order to age their wine! Temperature controlled wine cellars, dark glass bottles, and plenty of TLC.

Shouldn’t we at least show as much respect and investment in the liquid that actually gives us life and becomes our blood?

The first step in caring for tap water is to filter it. This is similar to water making its way through the layers of earth on its way to a spring.

Then, we structure the water. For example, using a flow-form. You can get a whole-home structurer that takes care of all the water in your house, or use a point-of use flow-form structurer like the portable water revitalizer.

Then, we add electrolytes to the water, like Minbiotics. This gives the water its minerals and ionic charge, as it would absorb in the natural birth process at a spring. The flowforms from Natural Action are made from shungite and crystals that also pattern and mature the water with vibrational frequencies that influence its maturity.

But if you really want to inform the water with plenty of strength and vibrational field resonance, maturing it fully, I recommend the Carbongene Z, in which water is exposed to balanced magnetism and a range of harmonizing and therapeutic influences specific to your individual needs, because each one is custom made just for you. These are like odic chargers, concentrating orgone energy into the water as it learns and structures and energizes and matures inside the vessel, similarly to the way that water gestates inside the vibratory field of a subterranean aquifer. And when you pour the water out of your carbongene in the morning, it flows over spheres that mimic the way water tumbles over stones in a stream.

You can find them at use the coupon code waterislife-10 for a discount on any of the products I just mentioned - the whole home structurer, portable revitalizer, minbiotics, and carbongene Z.

And really, any form of blessing your water, or imbuing it with purposeful vibration, is a sort of maturation process, it’s kind of like teaching the water - who is a constantly adaptable shape-shifting life-giver, what kind of life, energy, and medicine you want it to carry, amplify, and imbue.

Some of my other favorite tools for maturing water are:

The Analemma Wand. So, the water in this wand has matured for a full year in harmony with the cycles of nature. When you immerse the wand in your drinking water, it shares this maturity with your water, uplifting its coherence and vibration to match those natural rhythms and cycles that it has mastered.

Again, you can find that at with the discount code waterislife

Vadiance Water is another favorite. Vadiance water has also been conscientiously cultivated and matured, and brings more coherence, energy, and therapeutic resonance when you add it to your water. It’s often called “meditation in a bottle” for the calm, clarity, and emotional healing that it brings. The discount code waterislife is valid on that one, too.

Also Quantum Blocs and Quantum Bottles. These are my most recent favotire tool, and I’ve noticed big differences using mine. They concentrate quantum energy into your water, harmonizing it and uplifting its vibration. Just search for “quantum” to find them on

PEMF and Infopathy are also great maturation methods. These are tools whereby you can specifically choose what kind of resonance you want your water to have. It’s a more tailored kind of maturation. For example, you can resonate the water with the vibration of a specific vitamin or nutrient that you know your body needs. Or a certain harmonic of healing sound frequencies. Or the Schumann resonance or Solfeggio tones. The options are endless. I have several kinds of these devices available in the directory, and the code waterislife will get you a discount on nearly all of them.

There’s also the Vortex Magnet Energizer. This one vortexes and matures with magnetization. It’s a really unique vortex, because you can get the water spinning in both directions, which creates a very balanced kind of character, as does the fact that its magnets are balanced with both north and south pole. What’s cool about a coupler style of vortex, is it allows you to easily see how structured you water is. Here’s a simple test you can do right at home: Mature water will quickly and easily take to the spiral flow, requiring less effort and elbow grease to get it spinning. Mature water naturally spirals. Whereas unstructured bulk water will take a few more spins, and the cyclone won’t be as strong or stable. You can even feel the difference when you swallow, as it moves down your esophagus, if you’re sensitive and you pay attention. Yet again, the coupon waterislife will save you money with that one, too.

Finally, the creme de la creme of all-in-one, full-service, water maturing, nature-mimicking alchemy, the SpringAqua Wet 7. The whole function and design of the SpringAqua was created to mimic the hydrological processes found at the most sacred healing springs such as Bernadette’s Grotto in Lourdes, France. The filter is made of 14 layers of geology, and it structures and energizes the water, creating a very mature and intelligent water that is basically like it has just done several rounds of yogic breathwork, for the amount of the dissolved gas molecular hydrogen that’s in there. It’s an ecosystem in a box. The easiest way to access fresh spring quality water at home, when you don’t have access to an actual spring. Find it in the “filtration” collection at Waterislife.Shop and the coupon waterislife will get you a free shower filter along with it.

Where to find the best water

So, now that you know how to mature water at home, I want to introduce you to the most important solution, wherein you can circumvent all those manmade interventions and go straight to the source.

But the best option of all is simply to harvest your own raw wild living spring water directly from nature! Let mother earth herself raise your water. It’s a pilrimage, a communion, and a therapeutic hydration that really cannot be replaced. Although of course it can still be augmented with the use of something like a Carbongene Z! So go to to access your closest springs.

Global & Ecological solutions

So, now that we’ve seen the personal hydration solutions for drinking well aged water, let’s look at the collective solutions. Because not only humans need mature water, but all of nature relies on the generosity and intelligence of healthy mature water in order to thrive. Because only when water is mature, both physically and energetically, is it in a position to give, to dispense itself and its characteristics freely and willingly, enabling all of the rest of life to develop and thrive.

The following is directly from Viktor Schauberger's Proposal for Natural Treatment of Water:

1. Water must be allowed to flow and mature in its own natural environment, which, amongst other things, presupposes a naturally-grown forest containing a great variety of species. Both single crop forestry and clear felling must cease.

2. All watercourses, from the little stream to the mature river, must have banks grown with trees and bushes to give natural shade.

3. Water installations, (dams, power stations, etc.) must be sympathetic to water’s needs and must not alter its natural forms of motion. And,

4. Water pipes and other water transporting methods must be so designed and of such material as to promote the preservation and development of water’s particular biological quality.”

Conclusion / TL;DR

Thanks for taking this journey through water’s lifecycle with me today! To wrap up, just remember We are bodies of water, and water’s needs are much the same as ours - it needs to move, breathe, learn, have quality relationships (in other words, its molecular bonding), etc. These experiences mature us into well-rounded healthy beings, just as they do for water.

If we understood the true nature of water as a living, breathing being, we would NOT disregard and disrespect it like the modern world does. We would care for it as if our lives and our personal character depended on it, which undoubtedly they do.

There’s only so much we can learn about water in microscopes and testing laboratories. Although those studies are important, they’re usually the only way that the modern western mind views water - with reductivist thinking that narrows it down to just H2o. But that water is denatured and won’t tell us much about water’s true form and function as the living life force energy of nature. In order for us to support water in its role of stewarding life on Earth, we have to study water holistically in its own environment. Natural waterways are alive with inherent intelligence, they aren’t merely just the movements of a clear chemical substance as many scientists assume. They assume water to have no life of its own, yet to somehow be able to give life to everything else. No, that’s just silly. Water is alive. Water IS life.

So let’s learn from directly from water. Because when we do, we also learn how to be better humans.

If you’ve enjoyed this, comment below, what was your biggest “aha moment” or most insightful takeaway.

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And of course, be well and stay hydrated! 💦

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